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  1. Newly appointed TI-21523 Requesting for access! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28404
  2. Sounds good. That's what I love about trimmed parts, they will get used one way or another. Remember, measure twice, cut (drill) once. On parts that should "line up" take a pencil and draw where you plan to drill. make sure those marks line up first, then drill. Don't go based off measurements alone. your doing great, this is just a small hiccup and will actually help you down the line. never know when you will need to do so more major surgery and the experience will come in handy!
  3. Not sure if this would help, but at a troop I went to, I was helping a TK dress. He had a wireless mic and amp, and he threw his amp in his holster. If you aren't using it for your blaster then its pretty much a pouch for you. not sure on your availability of your holster, but if there is a way you can secure your phone and pin inside there, that might work for you? easy access for you and who ever is helping you, plus wont really risk damaging your armor or anything trying to get at it quickly. Keep us updated on what you decide to go with, or if you come up with something new
  4. that's what I thought but just wanted to be sure. I don't think I would need it, but for the case that some stress is placed in an odd manner on the armor, I don't want it to pop off. the "glue" I am using is some pretty tough stuff so far. But you never know. Appreciate the help!
  5. Ok, I am going to ask, before I act. I had some slight slipping with my cover strip on my left forearm. I put clamps, Magnets, and Tape down, but it must have slid slightly during the curing. It is pretty well set, but to prevent any separation I was hoping to put some interior reinforcement. I have seen people do the "interior strips" but was wondering if it was wrong, or wont reach L3 if I put several rectangular strips inside that run side ways instead of being mirrored to the outside strip? any help would be great before I act on this. Thanks!
  6. So far the stuff I am using is awesome. cleans up pretty easy from the spill out and is holding strong. only "problem" is there doesn't seem to be an "easy fix" like said to be with E6000. Luckily I am being very cautious with what I am doing and trying to get things perfect before actually applying it.
  7. Thanks all. Got one side of my left forearm done last night, checked on it this morning and it looks good, but might put some reinforcements on the inside, the cover strip moved sideways a little (even after magnets, clamps, and Tape was applied) but it doesn't look bad. Having to split free time between getting the new house ready and building. But I am guessing by about 2 weeks I should be done. I am waiting on better snaps to come in and a few tools for the snaps. Got my torso all figured out and will be done with that this weekend, waiting on Soldering iron. should just need the legs after this weekend!
  8. Here it all is! i drilled holes in the ears for the hearing assist system i got for it. interior isnt done, but its enough for approval! Just need to finish everything else
  9. what size are you looking for? have you contacted TK boots?
  10. This is what bothers me about the CRL. I believe most stuff is subjective. As with other costumes I have looked into, I have seen stuff rejected due to the measurement of something, be it the height of the boot, or something like that, but the CRL doesn't specifically state what it must be. Honestly the best thing for you to do @REAPERofDAISYS is to get into contact with a GML and ask them, as they are the ones that will have final say.
  11. Hmmm, this is a good one. CRL only says no seams on the front, but nothing about the location of the seams on the side. I would say these should be good to go for L2, L3. But im new so don't go off just my opinion
  12. Wish I could add to this. But I doubt ill get my armor approved by then, much less get a troop in. Good luck to everyone and cant wait to see the stories!
  13. I wasn't really talking about her armor, but some armor that I have seen in videos, as referenced in my other post...
  14. Havent seen anyone chime in after you posted this, nor have I seen anywhere else were you have been approved so not sure if you have already gotten your answers, but in reference to the shoulder Bells, no, those still wont be approved on the higher levels. You will need larger ones. what is looks like you did was rotated them backwards to close the gap in the back, but by doing so, have created an even larger gap in the front. I wish I could post the reference pic here but cant. The bell should have not gap about the entire way around it. Hopefully you can find a member close that will be able to help you out a bit more in person and allow you to look at their kit. Keep up the hard work and you will get there
  15. That is also true. I have been making crazy excuses, but so happy I finally jumped in.
  16. Oh for sure. Not thinking you were at all. Just wanted to support the "wait for it" mentality and have him get exactly the right thing from the right guy. I know how hard it is to wait, currently waiting on 501st approval with a Tie Reserve, while at the same time reading all these and working on my TK (aimed at L3 for sure). Love seeing all these and going through them will help me avoid some costly mistakes down the line
  17. @justjoseph63 Is generally pretty quick with shipping. The guy is awesome for what he provides, and have his stuff in my build. those Pan head screws shouldn't take long at all and shouldn't really hold it up for too long. Be patient and wait for them to come in, that way you know they are absolutely right. then go get your L3. Solid build!
  18. I think this is normal. You see a TK on screen and say "well his is that way, so mine should be fine" but it falls back to one thing, you are building to a standard laid out in the CRL. This way we can get a complete "Uniformed" look as much as possible among the armor. If im not mistaken, the Sandy's are able to completely copy a screen TD, but that is part of their standards, every little thing must follow that armor build. Although there are several TKs in the movies that don't fit the CRL, they are one offs or are "trouble makers" lol just kidding, and are not the armor the CRL is built to. Best thing to do is follow the CRL, and then use screen shots for clarification if needed. I think your Armor looks great and hope you go for L3 with the requested fixes.
  19. lol, I have a Clone Commander waiting for me, its kind of started, but a little daunting. I will tell you the difference in armor is crazy, My AM armor came in pre trimmed for the most part and im in love with it. Extremely sturdy and looks like it can take a beating. I have watched several build videos and some of that armor looks so flimsy, im not sure how it survives a troop. But things are moving fast now, and hope to be a true 501st member soon.
  20. Man its been a while since I posted. I see that what I did is kinda normal, got my box then let it sit like the world would end if I started work. Finally got moved in to our new house and back from Vacation. Submitted approval photos (TI-Reserve Pilot) and filled out my App for the 501st this weekend. For some reason, this act BOOSTED me into a frenzy of "Get stuff done!" I have completed: my bucket Ab buttons painted and installed TD is done parts trimmed Biceps completed Belt cut Notch in Kidneys done Hand Guards done I still have a lot to do, and this week wont be the week to do it as im working 12s all week. But this weekend will be great and hope to get some more progress. Will get photos uploaded tonight.
  21. You may also look for an "All in one" type suspender system. this is where the shoulder straps are adjustable, but the belt is connected to the suspenders, your not clipping something on to the belt and hoping it says in place. then just make straps with loops in them, and slide them on the belt, the belt should "click" together in the front to keep the whole thing secure. I am thinking I will use the suspenders and clip them to the back of the belt, and the top of the abs, that way it will keep my belt up, and the abs in place, all in one. I will anticipate some issue though and try and plan for that. we shall see. I will hope to do tons of trail and error prior to my first troop (once approved). I am super excited though as I have just submitted my photos for Tie Reserve and will be able to relax about being approved while I work on my TK. but the submission was just made so I expect to be a while. But funny enough once I submitted my photos, it boosted me to want to get the TK done.
  22. I did get my TD clips in though, I think that's the last hard part that I need besides straps and elastic!
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