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  1. I am surprised it is only that short of a delay. Their health and well-being is far more important than our make-believe boots!
  2. Just in case you haven't seen it...their Facebook page says they are not opening until Feb 14th now.
  3. The wait for BBB Day is excruciating. I should be able to hit the ground running once it arrives. Here are most of the supplies/tools I've gathered, thanks to the "Supply List for Your OT TK Build" thread. I am ordering boots from Imperial when they open up again this Friday. Really terrified excited to get started!
  4. Not me, but once the build is done (Stormie here has good style on the ramp!) EDIT: Weird. The video (link below) didn't seem to fully embed???
  5. LOL. "But I have a really gnarly video of me destroying it, and then going to the hospital afterwards."
  6. Good stories never start with good decisions. I am a life-long skateboarder. Once I get my build done, you'll absolutely see a few half-pipe TK photos. What was that about good stories? "Yeah, let me tell you about the time I broke my wrist and shattered my stormtrooper uniform 3 hours after it was completed."
  7. Holy hell. It's a bit early, but this is already the clear front runner for the "Best Things I Saw in 2020" Award. Well done.
  8. Noted, and thank you! I just ordered one!
  9. My AP kit comes with holster and belt! I'll have to determine if they are Centurion level when BBB Day hits, if not I'll take a hard look at these. Thanks for the info!
  10. Plugging away on soft goods and supplies. Darman premium neck seal (velcro) ordered. Paint, nylon strapping, elastic, magnets, and a few other smaller things all been ordered. Boots will be ordered on Feb 7 when Imperial opens up again. Blaster will be the last thing I research/order, and probably wont move on that until the actual build starts. I'm happy with the progress so far. What once seemed a like huge daunting list doesn't seem so bad anymore. I should have almost everything in place to hit the ground running once BBB Day arrives (then real terror starts. Lol.)
  11. Every time I look for info on this site... I find exactly what I am looking for! Thanks for the boot info, everyone!
  12. Just another person chiming to extend a heartfelt "thank you" (and deep gratitude) for put this list together. A tremendous help.
  13. Thanks to this thread, I've started amassing all the tools, supplies, etc. This was today's haul. Twelve magnets have been ordered, too. Dremel, mineral spirits, hammer, vise grips, etc. are all things I fortunately already own. Note the 1/4" wide white elastic--aiming for Centurion already! It sounds like the AP kit comes with snaps, rivets, and screws, so I am holding off on those to see what I end up with on BBB Day. Off to a good start!
  14. I assumed that was long gone...but I'll always be 421 in my head.
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