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  1. Well, this is going to be a project.
  2. Imgur seems to be down right now, otherwise I'd post the "unpacked" photo. And yes, holy hell, what have I gotten myself into?!? #FullPanic #FullExcitement
  3. Well, after a slight delay (e.g. a global pandemic) I now have a TRACKING NUMBER!!!!! BBB Day is SOON!
  4. Thank you so much for the kinds words and encouragement!
  5. So, these arrived today. Order processed, produced, and shipped so quick! Imperial Boots gets an A+ from me. Really cool sticker and patch included, too! I wear a size 10 shoe. Ordered a size 11. Might have been able to go with a 10.5, but not worried about it at all. I'm sure they will fit great with an insole added. Now I'm just waiting for armor to be shipped...
  6. I am surprised it is only that short of a delay. Their health and well-being is far more important than our make-believe boots!
  7. Just in case you haven't seen it...their Facebook page says they are not opening until Feb 14th now.
  8. The wait for BBB Day is excruciating. I should be able to hit the ground running once it arrives. Here are most of the supplies/tools I've gathered, thanks to the "Supply List for Your OT TK Build" thread. I am ordering boots from Imperial when they open up again this Friday. Really terrified excited to get started!
  9. Not me, but once the build is done (Stormie here has good style on the ramp!) EDIT: Weird. The video (link below) didn't seem to fully embed???
  10. LOL. "But I have a really gnarly video of me destroying it, and then going to the hospital afterwards."
  11. Good stories never start with good decisions. I am a life-long skateboarder. Once I get my build done, you'll absolutely see a few half-pipe TK photos. What was that about good stories? "Yeah, let me tell you about the time I broke my wrist and shattered my stormtrooper uniform 3 hours after it was completed."
  12. Holy hell. It's a bit early, but this is already the clear front runner for the "Best Things I Saw in 2020" Award. Well done.
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