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  1. In my experience, Custom Props is a great seller to work with. I'm sure if you ask, they might be able to do the navy blue. It wouldn't hurt to ask.
  2. Looks great Mike! Glad to see you painted that rivet you missed in your application pictures. It was an easy pass for membership and it should be the same for EIB. Great Job Trooper!
  3. Yes he will. As his GML, I have just approved his application and sent it off for Legion ID assignment. Next up, EIB application (After painting that kneeplate rivet ). Great job Trooper!
  4. It should be an easy pass. I agree with bluehickey. You should add a strap to connect the chest and back. Other than than that, it looks outstanding. Great job!
  5. The holster rivets do not need to be painted.
  6. Zach, since your current setup is more ANH than ESB, you should cut the loops(cut the front side of the loop so you end up with a longer strap, if that makes sense} and mount it from the backside of the belt with 2 rivets (or chicago screws) on your left side leaving about an inch of the strap showing below the belt. If you want ESB and do not want to cut the loops, you would need to repaint the frown on your bucket, get new handplates and mount the holster on the right side. Here is a thread about holster attachment. Make sure you read each post, as most of the info you need can be found throughout, including pics. ------
  7. Yep, She tags along as Leia and is better at costume support than most adults.
  8. I troop with Craig too and he is awesome. He truly lives up to his nickname "Hyper". He can't stand still at a troop, he is everywhere. Usually the first to suit up and the last to dress down. By the way, he is already at 101 troops and will probably add 1 or 2 more this weekend. Congrats Craig!
  9. My counter fell off on my first troop with it. I used E6000 and it has worked out great. Months of steady use and not a problem. E6000 hardens pretty rubbery so it allows the pieces to flex instead of breaking off.
  10. Hey troopers, be careful what you post on Spacebook. The boss is watching.
  11. That's amazing Paul. Great Job. You truly are the Trooper Master.
  12. Looking good Alex. You may want to add a strip of elastic from the front to the back near the bottom of your shoulder bells to help pull them in to where they need to be.
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