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  1. I thought about doing the repair but I am very OCD and that side wouldn't be the same width as the other side haha. Stupid but it kept me from fixing it. Which belt do you have? My kit came with two, the one in the picture and then the other has the countersunk squares which isn't centurion approved.
  2. Here is the picture where it snapped. I thought about using ABS but I wasn't sure how sturdy it would be with the strain from the blaster and that it will be bent around the waist on the canvas belt. ----------
  3. So here is my dilemma. I ordered my AM 2.0 kit last April. The plastic ab belt snapped on me. I have been trying to get in contact with troopergear and found out they are no longer making runs. I was told that ATA would be a good vendor to possibly get a replacement belt. I have attempted to contact ATA through the FISD and email. It's been a couple of days since and haven't heard anything as of yet. I know that these vendors do this in their spare time, however, I am kind of anxious to be able to find a vendor that can sell me a new ab belt that will closely match the color of the AM armor I have. I am ready to start trooping and the belt is the last piece I need to complete the build on my kit. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Yeah that's is strange that they came with yours. When I was searching for a kit the email I received for the AM had a breakdown of everything included and not included. I just double checked it and the TD clips aren't included.
  5. I have the AM kit. TD clips aren't included with it. I'm at the end of my build and realized they were missing.
  6. I knew I had seen the link for the rivets a while back. I know there are clips sold for $35 but that's kind of more than what I want to spend for those. Can anyone make a pair for just cost of the sheet metal and screws?
  7. Does anyone know of someone selling the split and cap rivets for the ab/kidney and ammo pack? Also, is there someone who can make a set of TD clips at cost of materials?
  8. I just finished gluing the back of the helmet to the crown. I'm a little OCD and this is the tightest I could get the seam to fit. Any suggestions on how to hide these gaps? What about getting rid of excess glue in between the seam?
  9. Yeah I have read some other build threads and looked at the CRL. There doesn't seem to be any really clear pictures to compare. But it looks like mine are duplicates.
  10. Hey everyone! I received my kit a couple of weeks ago. Tonight I started out using a dremel to sand down the teeth. I smoothed it out using a needle file. Also, I looked at my hand plates and to me it seems that I have two right hands?
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