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  1. TK 40591 requesting access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=27171
  2. I think the ab plate can be moved up further. It was, after all, just taped onto my body and not strapped correctly.
  3. So, after my first troop as a supporter I got the urge to work on this again. I've cut down the return edges to about 2-3 millimeters, so everything sits a lot closer to my body now. I got my roommate to tape everything to my body, so I can get feedback on what needs to be changed and what is fine for basic approval. Front shot. Showing off the side of the suit. My main problem area atm. They have to sit higher on me, which requres either shimming or creative use of cover strips. Backplate. Shot of the right side. I haven't glued anything together yet, since I wanted to get a feel for the entirety of the suit first. I am curious what I need to fix for basic approval, though.
  4. Hi everyone! First post on the FISD! I was told to make a build thread here, so.. Yeah. The trimming step was quick and pain free, so my experience tells me that the rest of the build will be a pain in the an impolite person. Most of the suit duct taped together and to my body. I am 190cm tall and a buttload heavier than I should be Nothing looks too bad, though. White, flowing t-shirt and armor? Not a great match. The backplate looks tiny on me. I think I'll need to add material to the back of the legs as well... I am impressed with the mobility of the duct taped suit.
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