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  1. Hi, im Looking for spare parts for the E-11 Doopydoo blaster. At the moment I need a new front sight guard in aluminium since it is very exposed. Im located in Denmark so would like to know if there are anyone Selling Them in Europe? Can Only Seem to find it in US. best regards from Martin
  2. ANH Stunt EIB #771


    ANH Stunt Centurion #389

  3. Welcome! Were in scotland are you from? Went there on vacation last year, Beautiful country:-)
  4. Hi and welcome! I have recently been centurion approved so just ask if you have any questions:-) Best regards from Martin
  5. Welcome and glad to hear you have decided to build a stormtrooper. There are different great vendors out there, troopermaster and rs props to name a few. A good advice is to do a lot of research on the building proces and the kind of stormtrooper, ex. From A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back. They are all different in design. Good Luck and dont hesitate to ask:-) Best regards from Martin
  6. Hi and welcome. You have already gotten some great advice, so you have a great start. I myself got an armor from Troopermaster which is Awesome. It is A New Hope stunt. There are Many different types of TK armor, most go with the original stormtrooper from A New Hope but they are all awesome in my opinion:-) Best regards Martin
  7. Hi and Welcome! You have taken your first steps into a larger world:-)
  8. Hi and Welcome! You have started the right place:-) My armor is from Troopermaster in England. It can be ordered in parts so you han make it yourself or finished Ready to wear. Its a great looking armor. But there are other great makers. Check out the sektion in the forum and ser who to avoid and who are recommened:-)
  9. Regarding the shins I started with bra hooks which works fine but it was hard to quickly connect them when trooping. Then I used white velcro which also W Works Perfect. Hard to See and quick to connect in troops.
  10. That is good to hear. Expert Infantry is the first step before Centurion, it has to be approved as Expert Infantry before Centurion. Do some research on What to focus on and dont be afraid to start. Ask if you have questions with anything:-)
  11. Awesome! Congrats on the approval and your first troop. Seems like it went well:-) and a good day to have your first troop:-)
  12. Welcome in the ranks, trooper! For The Empire!
  13. Hi Jorge. Welcome to FISD. Are you aiming for Expert Infantry and Centurion? I recently for approved for Centurion, so dont hesitate to ask for advice:-) Best regards from Martin
  14. Hi Craig. Welcome to this amazing World. Dont hesitate to ask if you have questions. See Some build videoes on Youtube and follow some build threads. There are Many different build threads and they all do different things. I ended up only following two different in the build proces because it confused me a Lot all the different ways of building the different parts. But until the build proces look at as Many as you can. Best regards, Martin, Denmark
  15. Quick qestion, would this be acceptable for Centurion, when painted black?
  16. Thanks a lot, it is awesome to be a part of:-) Preparing for Centurion the coming days:-)
  17. Requesting certificate: Martin Mølgaard TK 92527 A4 Tony
  18. Awesome! Thanks a lot, really like your commitment to detail. I will try and adjust all of the above, and apply for Centurion soon:-)
  19. Thanks for the comments, much appreciated:-) Shall the entire surface of the handplates glued on the gloves? Right now they are velcroed in the middle and strapped around the wrist. The forearms can easily be pushed a little down if needed:-) Thanks for the feedbacks and positive remarks:-)
  20. Thanks a lot, looking forward to your feedback:-) The requested photos a here:
  21. Name: Martin Philipsen Mølgaard Legion ID: 92527 Garrison: Danish Garrison Armor = Troopermaster Helmet= Troopermaster Blaster= Doopeydoos Canvas belt = Troopermaster Hand Plates = Imperial Warfighters (Rubber) Neck Seal = Trooperbay Holster = Troopermaster Ab front (somehow the picture is upside/down) Closeup of me wearing the armor and measuring the gap (Left side) Closeup of the right side while wearing the armor. Closeup of me wearing the armor and measuring the gap (right side) Inside of right thigh Rubber gloves and rubber hand plates For the Empire!
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