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  1. Okay sweet! So for confirmation, I get approved by my GML, fill out a 501st application, once I'm approved by the 501st I can then seek out approval for the police officer program in my case. right? Sorry if I'm still not understanding
  2. Hello everyone, after searching throughout this forum for a while I am still confused as far as becoming a 501 member. Do you have to join as a basic imperial TK or can you jump straight to the detachment you're wanting? (In my case I'm thinking of an Enlisted Alley Door Check TD (MEPD). And for clarification, is the first step is getting armor/getting it to 501 code, then getting armor approved and receiving your TK id,and going to your specific detachment and applying again? and to join your local garrison you apply to them also? I'm overwhelmed in information and not quite sure the steps to take of becoming a TD and joining my local garrison (located in VA Beach so its The Sienar Fleet Squad(Eastern Virginia), part of Garrison Tyranus(Virginia), any help and guidance is appreciated:) Micah
  3. Hello, let me start off by saying I am new to all this and hope to one day get 501st approved. I saw this post on ebay and wanted advice from the pros. It seems too good to be true and I'm a skeptical person when it comes to ebay, any adnvice helps! Here is the link and the Ebay item number: 324319300482 https://www.ebay.com/itm/STAR-WARS-A-NEW-HOPE-FILM-GRADE-STORM-TROOPER-SAND-TROOPER-COSTUME-ARMOUR-KIT/324319300482?hash=item4b82efcb82:g:wa8AAOSwMPxatlnU
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