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  1. I was steaypainting my TLJ bucket. I was doing nothing out of the ordinary. But in the outcome, it the surface was fuzzy with a sandpaper texture. The surface was smooth. What causes this? Also, what is the most easiest way to strip paint from a resin fiberglass bucket? I'm sanding but it's a major pain and unsure how I'm going to get into all the nooks and crannies. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Other than what is listed in the resource page, does any one know of any more resources for TK thigh holsters? Thanks!
  3. Dose anyone know of any blueprints for TFA/TLJ TK holster that I can possibly obtain? Unsure if I want to cut my own, 3D print, or buy depending on the difficulty of it. Thanks!
  4. I just received my TFA undersuit. When I tried it on, some of the rubber by the zipper cracked and is starting to separate and peel from the fabric. Is there any fix I can do to prevent further damage?
  5. Are you having issues with the right spat? mine is a KB and I trimmed at the end creases and its not seeming to line up.
  6. Quick question before I begin my TFA build. I am kicking around on using rare earth magnets instead of velcro for like the clamshell in the shins, spats, and possibly the forearms. Has anyone used magnets in such a way? Thanks!
  7. The price is truly sepctacular. But here is my concern. I have the height of a "mesomorph" (height at 6 ft) but the girth of an "endomorph" (waist size of 36) and I am stuck on really what to do. Don't want to commit and realize I have to do more shimming and adjusting then what its worth.
  8. Hello fellow TK's I am currently helping a Cadet in Garrison Carida complete his armor. He proposed a challenge and would like to do a TK from the Unit Aurek-Seven from the Fools Bargain novel. Prob is, no actual CRL's exist for the Unit Aurek-Seven and the only pic I found was on wookiepeedia http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Unit_Aurek-Seven . Other than the given pic, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hey there Keith! My rivits measurements are as follows, one inch in from the edge of the ab plate, measuring from the bottom 2 inches up, split rivit, 2 and a half inches, split rivit, nother 2 and a half inch, split rivit. That left me with about one inch to spare. This is according to ATA armor.
  10. Thank you very much . You shall soon hear from me for centurian . Again, thank you!
  11. I would like to re-submit photos of what needed to be corrected. First photo is that I made corrections to the clafs as per recomendations. I had no trouble prying off the E-6000 for the sniper plate. You just need to know how to work and sweet talk E-6000. Second two pics are the power pack on the thigh. I rounded off the bottom edges more, again per the recomendations. Lastly, I got smaller elastic bands for the sholder straps. I hope all is adaquate.
  12. Thanks Eric, My waist size is about a 36, my chest i'm not really sure. I do have black bands around the bicepts attached to the bells. I just had to move everythinbg to get proportional.
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