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  1. Started unpacking these today,,, Should have enough for this lifetime,,, 200 boxes of 100 quantity ahhhhhhhhh!
  2. Have not put the pin in it yet to get the flipper positioned correctly but everything looks like it is going to fit
  3. VERY cooll part sample came today ,,,, the alum cast saflty lever. I made it to slip over the rotary threeway switch that will be in the Grip.
  4. now that i got the guard i can start machining the main parts.... couple weeks
  5. e11 trigger frame and guard preceeding
  6. One more piece to the E11 puzzle.. the trigger guard.. stamping look great now i can move forward completing the frame.
  7. on steel,,,, the alum is a diff story
  8. Yeah and its a slave Leia doing these thin pieces...
  9. Tubes are getting clean up and prep for ano....... so close now
  10. I got the two small screws that hold the front cover on finally
  11. I love these little kits,,,, nothing replaces the real thing but still a lot of fun
  12. Grip is waiting onthe trigger guard to be formed,,, not much longer
  13. This one ought to help pipe builds out!!! the bayonet lug ! attaches with a 8/32 bhscs
  14. Side 256 flat heads on the Hengstler front
  15. More Hengstler build getting closer still need and few more tiny screws
  16. More Hengstler build getting closer still need and few more tiny screws
  17. shouldnt be a problem kristen does the online orders.... email us what you want we can get a complete shipping quote
  18. here you go ebay http://www.ebay.com/usr/vmusicstore http://www.warmachinepaintball.com/ http://www.warmachinepaintball.com/online-store-replicas/ http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=267831 Email me at Chris@warmachineinc.com and Kristin@warmachineinc.com http://www.tshirtgun.com/
  19. Hengstler inner boxes in from the casting guy
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