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  1. It not hard to assemble and depending on your skill at painting it needs to be disassembled to do that properly... Got to my main site it has all the other blaster stuff too... Cylinders , scope ect... http://blasterfactory.com/ In response to the cost of my products $$$$$ i make highly detailed replica out of quality materials... mostly cnc machined. I laser scan real vintage part to preserve authenticity and screen accuracy .. i high;y suggest checking my site and build blogs like this thread and on the rpf http://blasterfactory.com/blog/ https://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=272875&page=5
  2. Making more m19 screw you find all these scope and accessories here http://www.warmachinepaintball.com/replica-scopes-and-mounts/
  3. YES my e11 replica stocks are functional
  4. couple of nice hengstler counter ive found................. notice one has the side screw
  5. OP 1 ON THE 4TH AXIS CNC HAAS gets the profile cut ,,, next is the lathe op the part it off.. the stock hook is functional part of my e11 replica and works exactly like the real sterling
  6. made some more e11 cap latches for the alum replicas
  7. yes,, and i can communcate easier with the client.... ebay does suck plus im able to really do some great pic stuff
  8. http://blasterfactory.com/e-11-blaster-kits/
  9. build some B shape cylinders with real METALMITES
  10. http://www.warmachinepaintball.com/hengstler-counters/
  11. Got a ton of real vintage hengstler coild im going to use in my replica counters
  12. I had a paint match at my art supply store .... he was really good at eye balling it.... tried to color match at paint stores,,, home depot ,, SW,, lowes the machine just couldnt do it right... I need to put it in a small jar to sell some some... it does really work well...
  13. doing a little painting for a customer............
  14. broke the kit up in section for those who are building the e11 kit a part at a time......... http://www.warmachinepaintball.com/e11-blaster/
  15. These are a rare find http://www.warmachinepaintball.com/power-cylinders/
  16. My replicas with real vintage metalmites http://www.warmachinepaintball.com/power-cylinders/
  17. http://www.warmachinepaintball.com/e11-blaster/
  18. Time to do a start to finish paint and build..................................
  19. Getting there,,,, gotta do some touch up painting but for the first paint job im learning....
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