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  1. Ebay first gotta get a handle on the volume before it goes on othere sites
  2. Doing the scope rail..... going to screw it down on the flip sight anyone got good ref photos ????????
  3. Looking back at this i have found a real one and replicated it. It really make the DL44 a special build now.. So much of that blaster is just guess work and scaling from photos.
  4. starting to get all the pieces together
  5. Should know that soon.... still got to make the bolts and a few more pieces to know for sure.
  6. Sorry i didnt make this to be able to put a real trigger group in it.... didnt want there to be any confusion about this build with the firearms people LOL
  7. mounting holes fore the body and the plastic grip next up/
  8. LOL i will be!!!! i have made thousands....... i will be a retired old guy selling off sterling stuff
  9. Made alot of progress this week,,,, next week ill do the trigger
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