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  1. Wanted to do a bunch of up close shots to show the details and the diff between mgc and the real sterling
  2. Great find on the rpf ,,,, this will be the start of my rotj blaster bluild
  3. Completed a few m19 scope with full light ports
  4. Yes everything is in process,,, just waiting on dozens of operation to get completed.
  5. Sight guard,,, progress multiple flip and turn to machine all sides
  6. Going to add it the number and the tear drop recess in post processing... do not fear!!! LOL your looking at the raw casting... i have to do secondary machining to complete alot of the details...
  7. My new newest version m38 casting will be ready in a month
  8. Kristen holding my new aluminum stock assembly onto the prototype e11 body... I will have them brazed on in production
  9. e11 retaining rings completed and ready
  10. My Tshirtguns at celebration,,,, captured by REBEL forces ................................................................. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8odorUOSLv4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szQpBockwlQ&feature=share http://www.tshirtgun.com/
  11. Agreed the workmanship is cheap and they miss details or just did it wrong ,,, and if they had access to to real stuff they really sucked at coping ..LOL Nice to have for some references but thats it... That being said,,I think these things will still get rarer and become more valuable.. as crazy as that sounds
  12. Super cool scope today Hard to get the camera to focus thru it,, but it perfectly clear
  13. No at this time,,, it would be hard to do this way... In the future i may mold individual pieces ...
  14. Had to stop and make a few mags,,,
  15. There is one on ebay its climbing pretty good....
  16. Going to have two numbers availible for the display
  17. My replica Hengstler is coming along nicely
  18. You have any good dimensions on that blaster,,, if im going to do i want it correct...Is the MR any good???
  19. I get asked that quit alot... Dont see why not .. i did aquire the scope to copy whe n the time comes.
  20. More trigger frame pictures,, ive got the side plates cut out and attached to my prototype..Ignore the extra hole where the select fire switch is , they are there for me to test with. ill engrave the proper letters in production.
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