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  1. starting to put parts on the sites now,,, the trigger frame and body will be another month or so.. Finishing the bolt assembly and the bayonet lug this month.... i think that will be it... ooo and the scope rail... My hengstler replica and the cast m38 are almost done too
  2. The sample blazing of the tube is really close to perfect , im making a few slight mods and we should have tons of these in 30 days... Off to the brazing ovens!!!!!
  3. E11 mage well complete!!!! and fully functioning
  4. I do ,,, the one i scanned and copied had full knurl.... Probably for screen accuracy some of the knurl needs to be wore or sanded off..... The tab and hole on the bottom is for mounting. I have put a notch in my tube so it can be screw into the back of my front part.. Its really hard to blaze that piece on because its on the edge...
  5. yes,,, i feel the same way painting my metalmite cylinders too
  6. My cast zinc Hengstler boxes are almost finished..... check out the eagle
  7. Yes,, ill post and let you know when ther up
  8. buttplate spring plates finally arriving Can start putting some stock assemblies together next or so.
  9. I hate to say right now WHEN ,, doing the trigger frame for a few weeks and waiting on some castings to get completed... You all know this is not a easy gun to build. Most of you have scratch built or have made resin casts understand... the main body tubes are under way as i speak. Soon !!! LOL
  10. I make a replica casting of it thats really good
  11. Found a small eagle counter at a old repair shop in a box of hengstler parts parts
  12. One step closer on the e11 trigger frame...
  13. very soon just got the side plates done.. i will start machining the internal parts in week or so..It is a complex part i have several switches, mounting hard points, and a functioning safety switch i am still working out...
  14. My casted zinc hengstler samples got here today.... amazing detail
  15. Just a observation/critique on the airsoft gun... They really missed/messed up the little half moon shapes too . I have shared the complexity of that part with you before SLYFOX ... It has been the toughest to recreate and braze on a tube correctly... The airsoft did a terrible job of coping it i think... Too thin and not doesnt have the proper radius on the bottom to get it to line up and lay flat on the tube... caused it to lean forward some.
  16. ME TOO AGGGGGG this is a very intricate build, it has a lot of parts ... the little flash fins on the ejector side are complex shapes and very hard to braze on in Alum ... ill get it soon
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