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  1. I will hopefully get a chance shortly to go through the sterling horde soon . Ill have some aluminum replicas that will be alot cheaper than vintage completed in a couple weeks. Ill get some picture up on the warmachine site this week so you can see the creation process... BRYN i have a couple of stock up on the ebay store there in great shape and shipping down there should not be a problem... Is there any gun laws that stop you from getting stocks? if so i may have a few in parts... The aluminum one im making would not be a problem either may take a 6 weeks to get them on my laser cutter it pretty busy
  2. I posted a few on ebay,,, if anyone needs help with assembly or pictures of the orignals you can email me at chris@warmachineinc.com Some metalmite stuff is there too i should have my power cylinders done this week.
  3. I finished my power cyl and the replica scope today... Ill need to get another way to post pictures. the metalmite caps turned out beautiful.
  4. Looks great,,, where you getting your power cyl from?
  5. I hope to sort the parts out and build some e11's .... and the prop parts for my friends. Ill let you know when I get things ready.. You need the demilled gun complete?
  6. The original scope was a casting, not something i can do at this time so i machined it in sections.
  7. Here is the build on the scope, i wanted to make a scope that was accurate in appearance, made of metal but cost effective. The first build is aluminum i may do a brass build later but brass is very expensive right now and would push the cost up alot.
  8. Yes i know, i have over 200 misc sterlings in boxes..... i must need therapy.
  9. I have started building my e11 blaster and would like to give credit where its due. Some very talented , ingenius and very dedicated people mostly from this site have provided a invaluble resourse to recreate the props from our favorite Empire. I started building and planing this build years ago when a aquired through one of my vendors a quantity of sterlings. From there i realized aquireing the coveted HENGSTLER counter and m38 scope is a major challenge.. Fortunately i already had a scope in my ww2 collection along with several other sherman tank periscopes..... The counter took some digging. I finally found 20 or so in a old textile mill that was being converted, the """ junk "" was actioned off... LOL . This gave me the idea to reproduce these items 1. create e11 from original parts 2. reproduce e11 reproduction 3. m38 scope repro 4. hengstler counter repro from oringinal 5. create the power cylinders (cant find that to copy, relying on research and photos from this site and the movie)
  10. First and for most I would like to give credit to the creators of this site and all imperial hierarcy for making this availible to our small world. I have only just begun getting involved and learning all of the things this site offers.
  11. Anyone know where to find some very good power cells for the e11. I have everything else. I cant get in touch with playful wolf.........
  12. Anyone know where to buy the power cells? i have 20 old sterling smg and need to locate a worthy source. ill fabricate them if i can find plans......
  13. Anyone know where to buy some really nice power cells????
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