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  1. Like I already said to you both...you did an awesome job...this is the 501st spirit all the way, my dirty dudes Well done, bros
  2. Wooohooo...what an awesome good looking trooper...well done, guys...you did a great job Always a pleasure to see another awesome TM trooper ^_^ PS: Did you have already fixed/ reworked the ear parts?!?
  3. Ok...left is really crappy ...and right is really BEAUTIFUUUUUUUUUUL
  4. Aloha Tom...I had seen the 'making off' of your application pics ....good luck with your request. My opinion is the only thing, except the points that Phil has listed, that you need to add is the 2nd snap at the butt plate. Because of the sniper plate, I agree with Dennis...it's like the screen caps....but Dennis....what you've done?!??!...tstststs All in all, you have a great gear...I'm shure that you in the ranks soon. .
  5. Woot woot...that was fast... Congratulation for the next step... Welcome to the Elite
  6. Ups....It was a long time ago, that I was here Hey Tony.... congratulation for your EIB status...well done
  7. The time is ripe for a new trooper....hurry up, guys Great work so far
  8. Hey Tony... you'll have absolutely no problems with your application...but the last word will have Mathias. Good luck....but I think you'll not need this
  9. I love it to see another TM gear....really good work and good luck with your approval
  10. Woooh...that's an amazing ESB helmet...great work, Fabien...espcially the decals are awesome
  11. Thanks, Mathias Thank you for your kind words, Joey Hey Boss, thx that you like the 'inside' Woooooh, a knightly accolade of the Troopermaster himself....I am honored. Thank you Yes yes...I know....the gaffa ...especially the trooper (the trooper that I wanted to implement) on screen doesn't have the hooks. But I wanted to use this variant this time...but it's only provisional fixed. It's easy to remove it and to add the gaffa All in all...thank you all for your kind words...that says me, I'm on the right way
  12. Ola... finally I'm finished with the ANH replica armour....in- and outside. The weathering outside of the armour is not really good catched by the camera ...but it is definitely enough weathering on the armour Some pics are photographed with and without flash--->> Well...this build is finished and now I got the 'build-blues' ...what next?!?!
  13. Thank you guys for the kind comments Here's still a pic of the event yesterday--->>
  14. Aloha.... finally I'm finished so far. Yesterday I had my first testfit in combination with the first event of this costume At first here are the finished leg parts--->> Here's the overall picture--->> Urrrghhh, the blaster pulls down a bit ...I can't see anything in this helmet Well, at next I made the weathering on the armour....
  15. Ola... finally my helmet is finished. All details are hand painted....also the tube stripes. I had not worked with the masking. The brush had free hand --->> Well, this is my first assembled hero helmet....so, I'm satisfied with the result. ...just still a few details and then I'm finished with the suit
  16. Happy easter to you and your familys, whiteyyys
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