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  1. You must watch the movie again...there are many troopers that hold their blasters in there right hand. yes, on the death star they are all left handed but they are just mat paintings, but once you get into the battle on endor many of the troopers are right handed (the one han solo hip throws, the one chewy swings into the other trooper, and the one that shoots R2-D2 are just a couple of examples) It is hard to make it a requirement to carry your blaster left handed when half the troopers are right handed And It is also the same in ANH..all the troopers that actually fire their blaster use their right hand. TK/ID-80128
  2. I really hope we can get some done and in hand for celebration TK/ID-80128
  3. I don't think EVA foam will be approved...the CRL says it must be made from a material like fiber glass, ABS, HIPS, or PVC TK/ID-80128
  4. Even anovos pre orders cost more than that.....good luck finding anything anywhere near that price Imperial J TK-80128
  5. I ordered on June 24th and it was at 1 usd = 0.69 gbp So it is slowly coming back up Imperial J TK-80128
  6. If I was going to use the bracket system I would try sowing Velcro to the straps...then you can still take your suit apart and can adjust how big/small your loops are Imperial J TK-80128
  7. You need to heat up your back plate and flatten the shoulder parts on it so you can lower it Imperial J TK-80128
  8. Thanks for all the input guys...I went with longer sides on the insides...turned out great
  9. TK-80128 ...need 501 access Please<br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21779'>http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21779</a>
  10. I used hasbro blaster for the body and replaced the sound with the Disney Imperial J
  11. That's why I'm asking...lolSeems to me that half the people say inside and half the people say outside...I had hoped to get my local gml to help me, but he doesn't know anything about stormtroopers Imerial J
  12. Ok guys here is the backs.. I haven't trimmed them to size or put the strip on because I want to wait until I get whitch leg they go on... I asked my local gml which way he would prefer them, but he said he doesn't know? And how they are now, they both seem to fit comfortably Imerial J
  13. So you're saying that both sides of the shins should the same length and it's the left and right shins are different lengths?You are the first and only person who has said it goes that way Imerial J
  14. With all the problems the anovos shins...which one goes on which leg? Imerial J
  15. I have some of these small walkie talkies and would love to figure out a way to use it as my helmet sound...it has a headphone jack with some sort of built in amp to play the incoming transmissions ...the problem is that it doesn't play your voice when you are sending out a transmission. If there was a way to get it to play your voice through its speakers when you transmit, it would allow all the troopers around to talk to each other and give a more real time live "radio chatter". It would even be cool to get a person to be some sorta police dispatcher Also it has a Roger beep option that rings when you end your transmission...it would be great if you could just change that beep into a static burst sound If any one with electronic knowledge can figure this out, it could be the start of an all new era of helmet sound Until then I think me and a couple of friends are going to try to just put them in our chest armor and run a push to talk button down our sleeves...I think I might even try to run a second wireless microphone in my helmet (if there is enough room with all my other electronics). My radio chatter will come from my chest instead of my Mic tips but I don't think that it will be that noticeable... Any way...Any thoughts? Imerial J
  16. Yeah I saw your kits and was planning on getting one...I just saw these and thought the smaller sized amp would fit it in my bucket better Imerial J
  17. Does the hytech toyz amps like this, (------------- ) work with the icomm voice changers? Imerial J
  18. ---------- there are several mannequins on ebay for less than $100 But if you were just after the fun of making it, I understand Imerial J
  19. Do you think this works better than a regular store mannequin? Because it costs the same amount of money Imerial J
  20. What are the dimensions of your plano box ? Sent from my 0PM92 using Tapatalk
  21. I have a crapy helmet just like that but in perfect shape...it must be worth twice as much as his.....lol
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