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  1. A buddy of mine just pointed out how wide my thighs are at the bottom. Going to reshim them and have them taper more, so they aren't so wide at the bottom.
  2. Still making a slow go of it. I'm 5'8", and am thinking I may need to take a little off the top of the thighs or bottom of the shins. I had my wife get the shins on me, hence why they look like they are meeting unevenly. This is also due to how close they are to the thighs. I can't not bend enough with the thighs to get them on. I think the butt plate needs to come down more, which will increase that gap between the back and kidney. Any suggestions? I'm very hesitant to cut additional material until I know for sure that's the way to go.
  3. Small update. Got to work on the thighs, and definitely need some shims for the back until I take off some weight. Added some shims, and I think combined with the belt being tighter makes the kidney more appropriate. I still think my back is too high; may need to make due with some gap between the back and kidney in order for things to line up. Still need to raise both biceps a bit more and one of the shoulders.
  4. Thanks Chris. Took your advice and they seem to flex a lot better and can be brought in way tighter. Will shorten the strap for the bicep and try and raise that a bit as well. The forearm still feels too close to my hand, so hopefully this will help me to raise that as well.
  5. Thanks for the words of encouragement and the suggestions, Tim! Will try raising the biceps a bit more and get some pics with the undersuit on.
  6. I lengthened the strap for the cod to ab attachment and shortened the straps between the back and kidney. Is it ok to see the snaps, or did I bring the butt plate up too far?
  7. Thanks! I'm thinking it's just the love handles making it flex. All the more reason to get back in shape.
  8. It's Anovos. Would it help to give the kidney plate a hot water bath and try and bring it in a bit?
  9. Sorry for the sideways photos. Doing this on my phone, and for some reason Photobook is giving me problems.
  10. Did a few adjustments. Trimmed the top return edge on the biceps so I could raise those up. Also added the snaps for the belt on the ab section. Abs are attached to the chest with snaps. Removed the gap between the kidney/butt plate and heated the back in a pot of water to reposition the straps nation have a gap between the back and kidney, but better than it was. Thanks for all the detailed replies.
  11. I'm 5'8". I heard the return edge needs to be removed before the hot water bath,or I could get some cracking. Is the the return edge at the neck side? <br><br> Also, what do you guys think about the arm spacing? Would it be ok to raise the biceps a little to help raise the forearms, or do they look ok?<br><br> Thanks again!
  12. Great idea. Back plate does look a tad too high anyways. Will try that. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the fast reply. I need to get the snaps installed on the abs to help the belt from sagging so much. Going to shorten the elastic on the shoulder attachment a bit to help bring it in tighter. I used the Anovos supplied straps, just added Tandy Line 24 snaps.
  14. Hello all, Not going for Centurian, just hoping for basic. Any suggestions? Right now, I think the shoulders need to come in a bit. Having a hard time getting the cod and butt plate to snap, but not sure what to lower. I already have the gaps between the plates in the back, so I'm thinking I don't want to lower the butt plate anymore. Also the forearms feel a bit too close to the end of my wrist. Would it be OK to raise the biceps a bit more under the shoulders, and then raise the forearms a bit? I am going to be replacing that POS belt at some point too. Haven't even started the legs yet, other than a rough trim.
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