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  1. Hi thanks, do you mean in the icomm? Or in Tony’s amp......?
  2. Hi I seem to be having a problem with my icomm unit where the static keeps going off! I got the set up with hovitips from tony ( ukwrath) and it has been great, after not trooping for a while this happened...I have charged the unit.... please help It is in the video link ------------
  3. As the guy said earlier, do have pics of the molds that you are using ? Or pics of you making the molds?
  4. So what was the verdict on this ? He is selling 2 kits for $600 ...
  5. Hi guys,<br> This might of been mentioned before but I can't find them...<br> What size is the pipes used to build a dlt from a build a blaster ? And is that a direct fit for the template print, to drill the holes out ?<br><br> Many thanks
  6. Anybody have the files for the dlt-19 blaster that I can purchase, I know how much time is spent on making the files and I would like to buy them ? Or if someone has the exact specs and sizes for the whole blaster and parts that would be amaze balls.
  7. That's awesome any Idea on how much he would want for the file ? I'm all in Please post when it's ready ✌
  8. Is this file available some where?
  9. Mine is all the same.....Velcro on all parts and the detonator is the one that came with it!! It must of changed in the last year then.<br> I have an anovos one I'm in the process of building so that will be done all glued and that jazz.
  10. Yep basic approval.<br> Didn't have to add anything else, I wonder if it's changed in the last year then ?
  11. This was my pictures I submitted, all I changed was my belt! I did forget to put my neck seal on in these pics, but for me the armour fit perfectly !
  12. i have a sds battle spec and all i had to change was my belt !!!!! this is the canadian garrison !!! the back is still velcro everything is the same, seems random that you can't get in at basic!!!
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