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  1. I've bought several buckets for my kids in the past, and Walt (and crew) have been exceptionally helpful and quick to respond. Time from order to shipment was only 3 weeks just this August. I'm definitely buying from him again for my next suit!
  2. I also went with the ACH pads for my bucket, but I'm wondering how far forward/back your head should be. Basically, if I positioned the pads the 'correct' way, my eyes would be almost right at the lenses, and my throat is rubbing up against the bottom. Any suggestions from folks on how best to fit the bucket?
  3. You know, I had MEANT to say the 50 Gal STANLEY case...seems my mental typo was actually the better choice. Thanks you guys!
  4. I was curious what folks are using to lug all the gear around to troops. I'd previously heard that a 50 Gallon Husky might be the way to go, but they've apparently been discontinued, and prices have skyrocketed (I'm kicking myself for not buying one on Amazon for $40 several months ago. So, any other suggestions? I'd love to have extra storage space for field repair spares, E-11, etc.
  5. Hey all, trying to adjust and 'trick out' my Anovos TK bucket. After disassembling and refitting, there's a noticeable gap on both ears (granted, it is much better than when it arrived), and I'm a bit worried about acceptability. On the R ear, there's a largish gap where the ear meets the brow, as well as at the lower ear: Not as bad on the L ear, but the lower still needs help: Any advice on how to make them fit a bit better, or is this OK? For the eyes, how far down can I cut the flashing? Trying to open things up as much as possible there. Next step is cheesecloth/plastidip the interior, then hockey mask screws plus refitted lenses. Still trying to decide on fans...any recos? I really appreciate the advice!
  6. I too, noticed the helmet seemed just paper thin. Is there a good way to thicken it, so it's a bit more damage resistant? I was thinking of spraying the inside with a flexible rubber coating (like FlexiDip), or something similar, and then painting it black...dumb idea? This is my first TK, and I'm trying to mod it enough to withstand long walks in the park, and moonlight soirees on the beach.
  7. On the legs/arms, I stayed with the glue-flexidip-paint-glaze approach, and they do look great. However, for some reason on the shoulder bells, and chest/'011' pieces I had a hell of a time getting good seams and transitions...they always ended up ugly! In the heat of the moment, I swapped to mod-podge for the chest, and it works wonderfully! Basically, a MUCH shorter drying time with a thicker coating. If you screw up a seam, or the surface isn't smooth enough, just sand it with some wet 400 grit sandpaper, and let if dry for 5 mins. After that, I skipped straight to gloss white and glaze. The downside is that it isn't as flexible as the rubber-coating pieces appears to be. I'll have to wait to have her troop in it a few more times before I fully recommend the mod-podge route.
  8. I wanted to once again thank you for this outstanding guide! Still waiting on my armor to arrive, so this kept me busy... http://imgur.com/gallery/yLis8 Still working on the bucket...I tried a slightly different approach than yours, and completely underestimated the amount of work to get it done!
  9. Absolutely loving this...so much that I'm already through with the arms for daughter #1's suit.<br><br> Question on the glue process: it is insanely painstaking. Have you tried any spray on glues, other lacquers on not using glue at all? I figured going straight to FlexiDip would be easier, or swap the glue with modpodge, and only 1 coat.<br><br> Anyone else try a different variant on painting?
  10. Anovos (http://www.anovos.com/) is a prop replica company that currently has the official licenses to make and sell Star Trek, BSG, and SW gear. They've recently made a big slash by offering up full kits for low prices...but we really have no clue how the build will be in the real world. Some folks that have previously ordered Trek replicas, only to have them delivered 12 months after ordering, so some folks view it as a bit of a gamble. I guess time will tell. I hear some of the well known veteran armorers in the community are grumbling about this much more mass-produced stuff, and are worried if LFL and Disney will shut them down. Anyway, I'm just a noob trying to dip my toes in as well...the sheer amount of info on this board is absolutely insane.
  11. Hey all, Like so many of the newbie posts here, I too was sucked in by the Anovos offer. A co-worker forwarded the email for the Shadowtrooper kits two weeks ago, and after much deliberation, I pulled the trigger just now. Super excited, but I wish I could have gotten in on the 'classic trilogy' suit at the cheaper price, since I really wanted to go Sandy down the road. Oh well, this gives me the chance to jump into the 'lifestyle', without screwing up too badly, and without gaining too much wife aggro! Now we just have to wait for the delivery... Background, I'm also a new Garrison Tyranus initiate; looking forward to being a handler for several events to learn the ropes, and get up close and personal with some suits.
  12. Hey all, noob Tyranus member here! I'm also looking to nab a discount code...I'd like to get one of the Shadowtrooper kits. Something I can cut my teeth on, relatively inexpensively, and won't mind if I screw it up too badly! I figure I need to learn someplace, and some of the better kits out there are a bit daunting and pricey. Will definitely pass along my code post purchase to the next member in need! ...unless folks have a different suggestion for a noob kit? The downside to the Anovos price is the lengthy shipping delay
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