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  1. Tony, I am putting together a child's armor which has been reduced by 20% in size. So should I reduce all measurements by 20% for items such as thermal detonator and such? So the tube would be reduced from 7.5 inches to 6 inches... Would that be a fair assumption?
  2. Can someone please answer me why is this notch cut out of the kidney plate? I am sure someone can give me an answer which I can not for the life of me figure out why this notch is so important. However, it is a Centurion requirment.
  3. All of the 90 pages of notes I have been compiling over the past 6 months are now obsolete. Tony (UKSWRATH) has a complete guide on how to build a set of Stormtrooper Armor from A to B. I really wish I would have stumbled upon this earlier. I am in complete Awe. Thank You So Much….
  4. All of the 90 pages of notes I have been compiling over the past 6 months are now obsolete. Tony (UKSWRATH) has a complete guide on how to build a set of Stormtrooper Armor from A to B. I really wish I would have stumbled upon this earlier. I am in complete Awe. Thank You So Much….
  5. Hello All,<br><br> I am sorry to ask this as I try and do all of my research without asking others, but I have been searching to no avail. I need to get the measurements on the Thermal Detonator Tube and dimensions on the clips if anyone has them available. I have read through almost all How Tos and have come up empty. Any advice is appreciated in advance.
  6. Hello All, I just wanted to give everyone here on the forums a heads up about a recent experience with an Armor Maker. Walt's Trooper Factory (WTF). I was browsing his Facebook page and saw an auction for some Youth Shadow Trooper Armor. I jumped in and began bidding. I was the winning bidder at $380.00. Afterwards I was corresponding with him about how to get the Armor paid for and he reminded me it was for a Charity of my choice. So I clarified what charity would be acceptable. I asked if I could donate it to my local church for a Youth Mission Trip. He said, "It was my choice". All I have to say is, "WOW". This guy has a class act operation. I only had to pay for the shipping directly to him. He is Johnny on the spot with answers to questions. He has Facebook live feeds several times a week while he is pulling armor and he answers questions while he is live. He just seems to be a really classy guy and runs a Classy operation. He is one of the only guys out there making quality Armor for kids too. I just wanted to relay this information to all of you out there.
  7. Diana, I just ordered my first armor and I have been doing the usual research which is required of assembling the armor properly and to the highest possible level. I ordered the Blackhole Trooper/ Shadow Trooper Armor from Walt's Trooper Factory as he also makes childrne's armor as well. I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for my 8 year old Son "Austin" who has inherited my Love of Star Wars as well. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have posted throughout your build as it really helps me understand how things a fitted to different body types. This is something that I have found very difficult to understand without visual references which a lot of the FISD forum lacks. I am a visual learner as opposed to reading something and understanding it. I am planning on hosting a armor building party soon to hopefully get some good advice from local Troopers on my build. I happen to work in a fabrication shop where we have a wealth of tools available to us. I am hoping the tools will come in handy while building the armor. But, Once Again, I THANK YOU for your build tutorial thread as it has help me tremdously in understanding how to build my armor which has not yet arrived. I am looking for it within the next few weeks and I look forward to the process....
  8. Does anyone have a resource for these decals for the Shadow Trooper? As for the frown, I prefer the silver... Do people prefer to paint these or use decals as silver paint doesn't really come out silver. It typically comes out silver/grey, although the black base coat does help with silver paint. Do people opt for silver decals for the frown instead? I imagine it would be difficult to trim the frown decals as there is no standard on frown measurements from manufacturer to manufacturer. The tube stripes in a matte would be nice, yet I'm left with the same situation. No resource for the decals. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  9. I would be interested in a possible resin copy. Would the inside still be open for electronics potentially? Just a thought...
  10. Never mind, I figured out the PM feature on here....
  11. Tom, <br><br> Forgive my ignorance, but how do you PM someone?
  12. Tom, I am so glad you suggested not using the classic bracket and elastic loop systems because that is what I was planning on doing. Is it possible to still qualify for Expert Infantry with the Snap and or Velcro link the Chest, Abdominal, Kidney, and Butt Plate portions of the armor? I grew up in Mooresville. Perhaps if you have some time available sometime I could by you dinner and share some ideas and take a look at what you have put together. I ordered my kit from WTF Troop Walt's Trooper Factory. I was initially thinking about the Avanos kit but the lead times were just long. I need time to assemble prior to Halloween and future cons. Does anyone go to on Helmet Stencils? Also, I have been attempting to locate mirrored lens. I was thinking about just purchasing a motorcycle shield and cut out the lenses to shape and perhaps rig up a magnet system so I could change out the lenses with various colors if needed for a particular event. I was aware that the ABS does stretch during the pulling process. I am sure there will be a ton more questions I will have. Again, I appreciate any and all suggestions as I am extremely new and a Armor Virgin...
  13. Yes, But I forgot to follow the thread and could not remember where I asked the question. So 2.03 mm or .08 inches ABS should be O.K? Sorry for making the newbie mistake.
  14. What is the average thickness which is suggested to use on Trooper Armor?
  15. I want to say this is probably the best DLT-19 I have seen minus it being a deactivated MK34 and reworked. Simply STUNNING!!! How Much would a 3D printed one cost me? I have been researching these for about 2 months now and yours seems to be, "BY FAR THE BEST". The empty space in the receiver would be a great spot for any and all electronics you chose to put in. Blaster Master on Facebook has a pretty much drop in kit that would be fantastic. Let me know how much and how much time it would take to get one just like what you have. If it isn't too astronomical, I think I am game...
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