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    Tyne & Wear, UK
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    Collecting Comic book Original Artwork, trying to teach myself Sketchup, trying to write a screenplay, it's only been three years...so far.

    Trying to build a Doopy E-11 Blaster.
    Trying to build a deactivated Sterling Blaster.
    Trying to build a printable 3d model of the Z6 Riot Baton.

    Oh, and trying to finish putting my armor together.

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Okay, so I have wanted a set of Stormtrooper armour for more years than I can remember, but never really looked into it, then I saw the 501st at San Diego Comic Con and realised there were other people like me out there, but these people had armour.

That was it, I had to have some and now luckily I am just about in a position to buy some, soon as I can make up my mind which set, now to go for the white one or the white one :)

UPDATE:- I chose the white one, AM2.0 :)

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