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  1. Outstanding work. Enviado desde mi SM-T365 mediante Tapatalk
  2. Awesome job, nice pics. Damn money, mates.... Cheers from Spain. Enviado desde mi SM-T365 mediante Tapatalk
  3. Thanks a lot for your answers. Lots of work nowadays, no progress so far. I'll try to post some updates ASAP. Cheers from Spain. Enviado desde mi SM-T365 mediante Tapatalk
  4. Some pics as promised. First the handmade recoil spring. I didn't think it could be so hard to turn a steel wire into a spring. First the work in itself, and second to find the right diameter to wrap it around. Please note that the spring grows in diameter when you think you've finished it. Third time was finally good, sore fingers and sweating included. I don't have a better pic of the spring alone. You can see the receiver and grip modifications after reducing the grip width. I glued a strip from aluminium between the grip and the pipe, the previous holes didn't were in the correct place and the several tries to screw the grip firmly enlarged them a lot, so new holes and happy with the results. You'll also note the terracotta Milliput to cover the old cut for the wide/old grip. Enviado desde mi SM-G360F mediante Tapatalk Here you see one of the screws that fixes the grip. Had to drill the receiver to screw them properly, didn't want a wobbly grip. I'll cover them later. I used conical head screws to make them flush in order to not stop the block when sliding (yes, it does!!!) I'm trying to achieve maximum resistance in this build, and it's been a hard time to find a way to fix the cocking bolt. M3 conical hex screw and a square nut that I found inside an electrical switch. Cut to get the nut flush, screw and done... Well, when I came back to my parents-in-law holidays house ( you'll have noted the yard and the trunk as a workbench, LOL) I'll try to take pictures of the proceed to fix it correctly, note that you don't have access to work from outside. Time for the barrel fittings/fixings, don't forget your caliper to measure every pipe/tube you see in the yard/garage/caveman. I can't remember the correct dimensions of every pipe used, I'll try to post them in a few days. Main barrel is a copper pipe, 12mm OD. I saw it slim through the vent holes, a quick reference to read that the main barrel is about 15/16 mm OD. Solution? 15 mm OD copper pipe in the outside, it slides perfectly and if it rattles too much I can solder them easily. The fittings inside the receiver are also pipes, the black one is for garden watering, the green one is used in buildings for hot/cold water. Hope it make sense...It such a tight fit that holds the barrel perfectly without gluing it, though it's fixed to the receiver with a screw. Did I talk about soldering? Next to come... One of the most feared pieces ( as I've read many times ) besides the end cap is the folding stock. Here you see the piece that fixes the stock to the receiver. Made from 15/12 mm copper pipe, soldered. Difficult task, when I had finished soldering one side and started the other one, it started to desolder, moved, dropped and start solder again. D-ring and fitting. You'll notice it's a chain link, it's the nearest in dimensions that I found. My fingers soared after making three springs, and I didn't want to look for something that made me work more. Near enough is good enough, isn't it? Didn't take pictures of my last wooden fail, very bad luck lately drilling wood. More wood to start the next barbeque... I had to make it in plasticard after five or six tries in wood. Rear sight and rivets glued. Didn't glued the 200/100 piece yet because I don't really like the rivets look, don't know if I'll let them that way. Lastly a pair of pics, one of the magazine well, and the other of a general view of my build. I think it starts to seem a Sterling, what do you think, guys? Cheers from a sunny beach in Spain. P.S. With free wireless internet access, LOL!
  5. Hello guys! Some updates to come ASAP, only limited access to the internet these days, I hope to share with you all soon. I'll tell you as far as I can recall them: handmade recoil spring, bolt and cocking handle fitting, barrel fitting, grip fittings and receiver modifications, D-ring and its housing... I'd like to upload some pics but it's really impossible at the moment. Hope you'll understand. Cheers from Spain.
  6. LOL Wish it would depend on me... Damn budget Enviado desde mi SM-G360F mediante Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for your kind words. Maybe I may add electronics in a future build, let's name my actual project Aunion 1.0/#1/Mk1 by the time being, if I get enough funds and wife permission we'll probably see Aunion 2.0/#2/Mk2. Cheers. Enviado desde mi SM-G360F mediante Tapatalk
  8. I always find blaster electronics lots of fun. Beautiful piece of work, I've thought of including some in my build, but really think I do have enough scratchbuilding it from zero. Nice work. Enviado desde mi SM-G360F mediante Tapatalk
  9. Welcome to the FISD from your antipodean country!
  10. Welcome! I really envy you, who wouldn't like to share his hobby with his wife? Good luck with your build(s), you can't find a better place to get help.
  11. Great idea. My goal is to scratchbuild mine as cheap as possible without purchasing anything already done, but who wouldn't like having a nice metal E11 replica...? I'd like to build a super detailed E11 with pieces from several makers, besides my dream of a real Sterling based one. You'd be one of my chosen makers, amongst others.
  12. Thank you guys. I really appreciate your kind words. Enviado desde mi SM-G360F mediante Tapatalk
  13. ThanI you lucnak. My E11 takes all my time right now, I hope to start another thread for the helmet, don't know when. I'm willing to build the whole armour the same way, don't know if it'll be finished for this year Halloween or next... Cheers. Enviado desde mi SM-G360F mediante Tapatalk
  14. The last worktime has been a mix of fails and success. Every time I start working I always think that I have to strictly plan my build, from inside to outside, from top to bottom or front to back... But seems virtually impossible. Lack of materials, laziness or any recent read of some of the awesome builds here in FISD makes me keep on with my chaos in order, or maybe order in chaos. Not talking about the outgrowing OCD, as a modeller/ hobbyist I DO really like detail, and maaaaany of your builds aggravate my mental illness (LOL) I wanted to add detail to the front sight, mainly the setting hex screw. Started drilling manually, finished badly. New try, don't give up. Use the broken one as a template (laziness, I have the templates on my tablet, but I was listening to music, The Cult, didn't want to pause it ) Uncountable fails later, I gave up. But, I opened a beer and the fails seemed a little less discouraging. This piece is made from a 5mm square wood stick, a sugar cotton one, don't know if it's correct saying that way. Very soft (good to sand/file, bad to drill) You can see in the pics what I told you about my crazy way of working. I always spread stuff over the table, but I don't tidy up until the end. Having failed in detailing the front sight, and before cursing again, I started one of the parts that I feared the more: rear end cap. I've used a 40 mm ID "cap", that's how it's called here, like a female lid, sorry if doesn't make sense. Drilling, tapping with M6 tap, use the M6 hex screw from the muzzle or grip and a M6 nut. What's that for? You can see I didn't lie with the beer... I want to introduce all Imperial troops my fancy guetto mill... Sandpaper, file, knife and lot of turns ( and heat, be careful with your hands ) and I got this Im really happy with the results, easy, fast but...lots of PVC shavings all around, not really clean, but it's really worth it. Two minutes of sweeping for a rear cap!!! Waiting for your thoughts and comments. Cheers.
  15. Out of words. Waiting eagerly (drooling of course) to see the finished replica. Astonishing work man. Wish I had the money... Keep up with the good work! Let another one counting pieces, we want more updates! Cheers from Spain.
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