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  1. Thanks Gio. Your boots were definitely part of the process, and are approvable as you have made them.
  2. To build this TD, I just took the same length of 2" PVC white pipe, sanded down the printing on it. Cut two tiny strips (1/4" wide) of white plastic for the "bands" from the cutoff pieces and glued those in place about 1/8" away from the end caps. Then I measured out a piece of spare flat ABS to leave about 1/8" away from the bands placement - it ended up being about a half inch shorter than the molded control panel, width-wise. It's more of a rectangle than square if you use Kev's measurements. Simply taped down one end on the pipe, then used the heat gun to bend it around. Wear gloves
  3. Updated TD. Mounted to kidney. Shannon has been approved as #2
  4. Congrats Stacey (and Michael!) I'm proud to announce that Shannon is also now approved! Here's the updated TD. Full submission photos are in my thread.
  5. Definitely would need to be scaled down if the original TK bucket style is used. Thing is HUGE in comparison to the armor.
  6. Would be great news if this were true. Luckily all the mods I've done are reversible! I submitted the new TD, but agreed, it looks like garbage in comparison to the statue.
  7. You can go ahead and start With Kev's new backplate, we should be good to go. Just needs to be finalized at this point, but I don't think any of us anticipates any changes. Yet. Anyone who thinks their armor is one-and-done is in for a nasty surprise after a couple troops.
  8. bzb

    Are we weird?

    All jokes aside, I joined this crazy, weird group of nerds because of the charity work involved. I couldn't justify spending thousands on a costume until I realized how much these folks really give back to the community and support external charities. I'm the President of a charitable organization that has a very active, engaged membership; we don't have nearly the same passion and activity that the 501st does. Honestly, I'm more proud of being the appointed Charity Officer of the Georgia Garrison than I am to be the elected President the APCA! What has truly astonished me in the past year is how passionate these folks are about the charity work. It is absolutely amazing to me - still - how much joy our silly costumes bring to people, and that people are willing to donate to charities just to be in our presence. Just a few weeks ago, we organized a Blast-A-Trooper event that raised over $600 for a local animal shelter in a mere four hours! Additionally, I've visited sick children a couple times at our local Children's Hospital, and those have been some of the most rewarding charitable experiences I've had. Like many of the folks here, I'm a 9-5er professional at a Fortune 50 company. My coworkers absolutely LOVE what we do, and my boss and leadership is supportive of me leaving work in the middle of the day to bring some relief - and a break from reality - to kids, their parents, and the community. Look, there are some weird folks - truly weird - that I have met in every group of passionate fans. I play flag football every night, and I know some weirdo jocks... all they do is live and talk football. They attend flag football competitions every weekend, play 15 different fantasy football leagues, tweet about NFL during the off-season, and tailgate on Saturdays at colleges three states over. They cray. So even something that is "normal" or at least accepted in our culture/society... there are weirdos. And that's perfectly OK.
  9. bzb

    Are we weird?

    We're dressing up as plastic spacemen, and you want to know if we're weird. Huh.
  10. What a first post! Looks fantastic. Yes, the little girls love it as much as the... ahem... dads. Shannon got plenty of attention at Zoo Atlanta, and I heard so many people exclaiming, "Oh look, a lady stormtrooper!" And yes, we all need to see Stacey's armor approved. Today would be great...
  11. Awesome - you're going to love MTK's set! Unfortunately, if you're talking about the Jes Gistang armor, the standard TK helmet is way too large and looks like a bobblehead on the femtrooper armor. Unless, of course, you're talking about the one with the boobs...
  12. Just FYI: Legion appears to be sitting on Shannon's submission, as well.
  13. How well do they fit her? I ended up putting a foam layer insole, then a set of nice Superfeet on top of that. Shan can still slip them off with little issue - but they're "walkable"
  14. Updated for submission. Comic backplate is attached, helmet is complete. Closeup of TD and Comic-style Backplate
  15. Comic style backplate installed. Will be taking photos to resubmit in the next couple days. Shannon's excited to get her TK number Edit: I used E6000 on the backplate. You know, just in case
  16. Looks good - could probably close the gap on the left one (right in the photo) by trimming the return edge on the cup, but looks pretty good. Congrats on the new house!
  17. For ultimate in long troop comfort, gluing the rubber handplates to Nomex gloves cannot be beat. The best part is the fingers are conductive, so Stormtrooper Selfies can be made... I wear a Medium. $15 shipped from Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Northstar-Tactical-Flight-Gloves-Medium/dp/B004J95Z7Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1414872240&sr=8-1&keywords=northstar+tactical+nomex+gloves
  18. Helmet is finished. Went with the standard tube stripes from TrooperBay. Liner is a Vega motorcycle helmet replacement pads from Amazon for $8.54, sized small. I use the cheek pads in my bucket, but this one is much smaller than the standard TK bucket, and I actually had to place a piece of foam above the lens to push the helmet forward on Shannon's face - otherwise her eyelashes were hitting the lens. I'm planning on covering the exposed screws with a small piece of foam. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008PQPILW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Just awaiting the comic-style back plate to resubmit.
  19. Hah, saw photos of her Domino TK and started following on IG She looks great!
  20. Ah, you're the Diana that sent it over here! We're super excited to have another in GA AND we may have a 3rd in a couple weeks ordering...
  21. After pouring over the comic pages, I decided to go with the standard black tube stripes from Trooperbay. http://trooperbay.com/standard-tube-stripes/ After these arrive, just gotta mount the new backplate and Shannon should be good to go!
  22. I use Novus 3, then 2, then 1 when it gets really grimy (heavy scratches, paint from someone else, grubbiness from kids). Normally, I just use Plexus, which I used on my Ducati fairings. Works a charm.
  23. We need some clarification on what the "narrow band" is referring to on the TD. Apparently Shannon's is correct... but all it is, is the original tube with the stock end caps and control plate.
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