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  1. No worries at all - feel free to ping me on Twitter, IG, or even Facebook if you need to chat, I'm happy to help. We were so excited to get to the build yesterday that I completely forgot to post photos or take any video. Doh, my apologies... and I'll try my best to remember the next time we're working on it. As far as the iron, I'll dig into that thread and see why it's used. I'm assuming it's for heat bending, which you really probably shouldn't do as a new builder - unless you have someone there that's with you that has some experience. Boots did run a bit large from Gio. I still need to chat with him to help him get a little better sizing for US sizes for the ladies. However, the New Look ones were also a little big. A pair of Superfeet insoles did the trick on both boots, though. Hardware for the helmet is simply the screws that Kevin provides with the kit. The alignment where it's marked was perfect, as were the cut lines for the ears. Absolutely incredible kit. Traps were hand painted using the green Frog Tape and 3 coats of Model Masters "Gunship gray". I opted for that instead of the standard 1138 gray on the TK because it looks darker in the comic to me. Trooperbay will have the green lens (or go smoke, if you like) that you will need to cut. He also carries built/painted Mike Tips that work perfectly in this bucket. You can use a bit of window screen if you have it for the mesh, or Trooperbay has that, as well. Shannon preferred the standard TK tube stripes in black over the clone pills. I cut off a good number of them, because the Legacy bucket is a great deal smaller than the standard TK.
  2. Woot Robyn! Looks like you're well on your way. 1. I'm confused why you decided on the sealing iron. 2. I see you have a dremel - make sure you have cutoff wheels, sanding drums, and a couple different drill bits for the screws and snaps. 3. Are you planning on using CA glue (Zap a Gap and Zip Kicker?) for your kit? If so, skip the magnets, and get a few different sizes of clamps. 4. Don't bother with the snap setter. They are a royal PITA. Use the hammer and anvil method - it's more effective and cheaper, anyway (they come with a pack of snaps). 5. 1" and 2" masking tape for fitting armor pieces. 6. 12" metal ruler comes in handy for popping straight lines. 7. Kev's kit comes with extra flat panels to make your comic-style TD and all the internal cover strips you'll need for assembly. 8. Kev's helmet kit does not come with the lens, mic tips, or tube stripes. I went for the standard black TK tube stripes from Trooper Bay because it looked most like the comic. 9. Shannon is size S in the Under Armor Heat Gear for women. She's around 5'6" and 120 lbs. She actually got a running top that has the thumb hole in the sleeves - she loves that for the ease of putting on the kit and protecting her hands a bit. 10. You need some foam for the forearms. I tend to have foam around from other projects, especially building speaker cabs 11. What's the acetone for? Do you plan on sludge/sand/paint? You can pick up a cheap bottle of 100% acetone at any grocery or pharmacy. 12. What do you mean neck collar? Do you mean neck seal? I'd highly recommend you just hit up Darman with your neck measurement and get the zipper closure neck seal. I've gotten a few different neck seals, and Darman's wife makes our favorite. Did I miss anything?
  3. If you guys can make it up to the Gwinnett Braves game next Saturday, it would be awesome to meet you two! We're working on Carley's Legacy TK tomorrow. I'll have more photos and video to post soon.
  4. Edit: the stitching across the boot may be an issue for approval on those ebay boots. Those might work for the statue version. You just need to add a strip up the middle, which can easily be done with some white marine vinyl. Gio (crow62) is working on some accurate ones with the strip sewed in.
  5. Well done! Kudos to all involved in this edition!
  6. Here's the statue (original pull) back. See, E6000 is actually good for something. May I suggest two corrections/additions to the text? Changes in red. Thermal Detonator, Version A For 501st approval: Shall be attached to the kidney armor (not belt) 1 inch above the top of the belt and include white tube with white end caps and flat panel along the center. The thermal detonator has two thin strips approximately 1/8†away from the end caps. The thermal detonator tube is gray. The thermal detonator end caps and control panel are white. The control panel has a raised pattern as shown. The thermal detonator is attached without visible attachments. --------------------- Boots, Version A For 501st approval: Boots are above ankle height and made of white leather or leather-like material. The boots have a raised white sole with a larger heel. There shall be a single raised vertical strip running from toe to tongue, approximately 1/3 the width of the shoe. No buckles, laces, or mesh panels shall be visible.
  7. Yes, I just used a flat sheet of ABS, think it was the leftover from the coverstrips/shims that came with the kit. I can't recall the exact dimensions, but I want to say it was like 4x5".
  8. Use scrap strips. I used a ruler and made strips about 2mm wide with a sharp knife. Just glue em on with CA and make sure the seam is pointing at the backplate.
  9. Michael, I asked you a month ago to send me photos so I could finish this off. You flat out told me you were done with it, and that you wouldn't send me the photos. Shannon and I put a lot of work into this, as well. Now you want to write off everything that we've done because of credit? That's a little messed up, as well. We're going to keep forging ahead here, as the priority for us is getting this CRL to green.
  10. Awesome, I remember you posting about moving down here - hope to see yall at a troop soon! Isn't your hubs working on a Vader too? You need to join our Garrison forum and Facebook!
  11. Slowly but surely... I'm retaking the photos on a black background. So sorry for the delay - I do want to help get this done
  12. Shannon Shively TK-30305 Christopher Rivera is the photographer, I'm just the Photochopper
  13. Good point, they shouldn't be required to have seams. Although, I guess it's a matter of how detailed do you want to get in the CRL? There's a lot of missing details in the standard TK when we get nitpicky on approvals, especially in the EIB/Cent levels... does that necessarily cause more confusion? I don't think it did with my build, but I also posted up a lot of photos and questions during my build...
  14. Personally, I don't really understand the "seamless" thing. It's kind of a nitpicky thing that doesn't make total sense. There's gonna be seams somewhere if you're going to get the armor on. IMO, we already have 5+ ladies approved in this with seams. Maybe level 2 or level 3 for the armor is seamless.
  15. Stampy here with another Minecraft video!! My kids watch those damned Stampy videos non-stop. Can't get it out of my head. Anyway, here's a video entitled "How To Put White Armor On Your Wife And Get Away With Molesting Her Too" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dbdlHbNkoA
  16. Thanks Gio! Here's the full shot front/back (comic style). Working on the individual parts in higher res on white background now.
  17. Shoot no, thank you and Brian - you guys are making a lot of ladies very happy
  18. I'm taking all the parts to the studio on Saturday to get shots with pure white background - Photoshop just isn't doing it for me (plus they were crappy iPhone pics). I'll upload high res of each part late Saturday night, including pulling off the comic style backplate. If Jason can provide the gray statue (full control panel) TD, that should finish it off for individual parts. I'm going to try my best to get Shannon suited up on a pure white background, as well on Saturday. We'll see if she'll cooperate
  19. The CRL is pretty close to finished. More than likely, even if you built 100% to CRL specs, you'd still have to do minor adjustments here and there - we all go through that with every kit we build If you want her to stick with the high heeled boots, make sure you use a gray pipe for the TD and the original TD plate that came with the kit. If you want to go with the comic style, use the flatter soled boots, the flat TD panel on a white tube, and attach the comic-style backplate to the back.
  20. Sure would help! Especially if it's hi-res. Is there a method to do "A" or "B" separation in the CRL? Has this ever been done before - or would it require a completely separate CRL? I know we've had a couple parts that can be "or" in the TK CRLs, but this is a case where three parts have to match up, either the "A" set or the "B" set.
  21. My thoughts: 1. Comic style is wiggly, so wiggly lines make sense if that's the approval you're going for. It doesn't HAVE to (as we have allowed ANH troopers with decals) but I don't think that it should disqualify either way for base 501st acceptance. 2. If you're going comic style for approval, it needs the correct backplate, detonator (all white), and small heeled clone-style boots as a combo. 3. Similarly, if you're going statue for approval, it needs the original backplate, the original det (with a gray cylinder), and the chunky heeled Chelsea-style boots. 4. Boots should be white soled on either. I have photos of Shannon's front and back in comic style and will Photoshop the background out and upload those this evening. I'll move her suit to "statue" specs, paint the det gray, and take photos of those parts, as well. Might take me until this weekend, but I'll get on it.
  22. All CRLs are living documents. If there are references that show that, then yes, I would imagine the CRL would be updated. What you bring up is not really different than the FX armor debate. But this thread isn't for debate on the validity of the costume (which, honestly, isn't up for debate anymore), it's to develop it for everyone else. I do not see a way for us to do 2nd and/or 3rd tier approvals for this costume at this time... and there isn't truly a need for that at this time, either. The baseline CRL needs to be created, as we already have at least 4 ladies approved under the "minimum," and there is at least 100 of these armor kits out there in the wild, with many of the ladies stalled, waiting for this. Sorry I'm just now seeing this Brian - the document is coming over to you now.
  23. May I suggest Stormtrooper: Legacy Era Female We're already using TK designation for them... or at least that's what was assigned to Shannon.
  24. All are great catches, and this is the exact reason I started this thread If there was a way to make the first post a "wiki", that sure would make collaboration easier... Brian - do you want me to send you my word document, if that saves you any time?
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