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  1. I have a vest and can take any pictures needed of it
  2. Heads up, the Rustoleum 2X Gloss White paint is not a match for the Anovos Plastic helmet....
  3. Thanks Kevin. That is what I ended up doing. I should have some new progress pics this weekend ill put up on the RMQ forum
  4. From what I understand, it will not pass 501st approval without the seams filled.
  5. Been building one for a while now and figured I would make a thread here. Quick question to anyone who has built one of KWs kits, On the forearms, do I cut off what looks like overlaps and just go with a butt joint with a inside strip. They look like it will line up better that way
  6. Looking good!! Makes me want to go back and fix up a few items on my wife's Jes. Maybe I can do that while I finish up on other projects
  7. Yay! Its a easy one to build. Only hard part that I can remember was box placement on the belt
  8. I almost exclusively use those 32 gallon foot locker types.
  9. 41977 = Episode 4 in 1977 My mothers is 51980 = Episode 5 in 1980
  10. I will decide after I see the movie, since I will not have my set until after the movie. But I really want to see what is more common in the movie. If there seems to be more clean ones, I will weather mine, and vice verse.
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