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  1. Looks exactly like mine. Nothing lines up right on a stormtrooper!
  2. Looks fantastic, good luck! I can't help but look at the action shot and think in my head King Julian saying, "I'm a lady, I'm a lady! Which of you is attracted to me?!"
  3. Freezing works well with CA glue (Superglue, Zap-a-Gap, etc). I don't know that it will do all that much to E6000 as far as clean-up goes. What the other guys have said is accurate: E6000 will peel apart with enough gentle pressure at room temperature.
  4. Dang Stormtroopers always goofin off when Vader ain't around. *I* would never do anything like that on a troop. Unless there's Dippin Dots.
  5. I think the best one is the grappling hook, gets me every time.
  6. MTK sells a very good kit with lots of extras that you won't have to spend time/money sourcing. I went Centurion with MTK and there's a couple others that look very good and are just a couple small items away from Centurion, as well. My Cent thread: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/26625-tk-31100-requesting-anh-stunt-centurion-status-mtk113/
  7. IME, for not much more, you can get a more complete kit from a reputable maker.
  8. For comfort (i.e. not poking you in the ankle) I'd trim em to line them up. As far as them not being symmetrical - yes, that's common.
  9. Strangely, I find the opposite to be true: that the Legion's rules are pretty flexible based on make of armor, size of trooper, etc. There are some things that appear are non-negotiable; the most apparent reason being is that we want to look as uniform as possible when we are out in large groups. That makes total sense to me, as a noob. Some concessions are made because of the difficulty of moving around in this armor. Other concessions are made for the various body shapes and the enthusiasts that want to troop. I can certainly say that I felt a little more scrutinized than some other guys, because I am closely fit to the "profile" for a stormtrooper. It makes sense (and was/is highly appreciated) that folks were so critical of my appearance, because my final product is something that is intended to look almost exactly like the movies. But in Paul's case, I totally agree with Mathias, that every suit you make is one more closer to making it a "standard". Very few others are making that distinction... as a direct result of the few folks actually creating the armor! Anyway, total tangent, and I apologize for piling on! The armor looks great to me, Wade, and I hope to see that EIB badge by your name shortly!
  10. A guy in our Garrison finally got new armor and ditched his FX. The jabs were non-stop, even from noobs like me This is way overpriced at $760.
  11. Germain and his arm straps again Looks really good. TM must be a very customizable kit. Most guys over about 5'10 usually have a much larger gap at the knee - evident with the sniper plate. Good luck!
  12. bzb

    TK build (MTK)

    Made a few adjustments toward Centurion. After my first troop, I had a couple armor bites, so I trimmed those areas a little bit. Added straps to the chest to make sure it never pops up over the ab plate. New tube stripes. New rubber gloves. Need cotton liners before I troop in these. Hands get sweaty REAL quick. Scuffed (chipped?) up the Chelseas. I think I may need some help with suggestions on how to make this look better.
  13. I keed I keed. New stripes. And new gloves. Need some cotton liners, this stuff makes hands sweaty in 4.6 seconds flat.
  14. A few adjustments. This should be good for Centurion now, yes?
  15. Just a word of advice: you probably don't want to use CA glue on the front of the shins, anyway. CA glue is great for parts that will stay together, but the shins are going to be opened and closed, and CA is brittle when it's cured. E6000's flexibility is a huge bonus for the shins. On the cover strip on the calves, CA is fine (but also note that if you use velcro there will be frequent stress on the calves, too).
  16. CA glue works great, if you're as impatient as I am
  17. Not at all - I need to be sure before I apply my new ones, too
  18. I think you have em backward. My first tube stripes were applied backward:
  19. Woot thanks! And thanks for the quick turnaround, as well!
  20. And thank you for all the suggestions. I am definitely not 100% on this, and I do indeed aim for Centurion. I already have some adjustments in progress for some bites that occurred during my first official troop. The MTK armor looks great in person, and the kit went together very quick (mine and James' seemed to just assemble itself). Using MTK's techniques and videos, the process is almost too easy. Onto some answers! 1. The TD came with the kit, including the pipe already greyed out. I made the clips from aluminum purchased at Home Depot. 2. The belt was actually a concern at first with the snaps after talking with a few TKs at the Legoland troop. I was told multiple times how much everyone hates snaps for the belt! During my first troop, the belt wasn't bad at all, but understood on it wearing out and making noise. I'll have to chat with some of the other guys in my Garrison to see what's working for them - maybe a combo of snaps and velcro. 3. I do plan on taking more off the ears after seeing Batphobic's ATA in person. Wow, those ears are SLIM. Also, Mike was great in sending me a pair of new ears with a quickness... so I feel confident even if I screw them up again 4. A new set of tube stripes just came in the mail. I plan on working on that piece before our St. Paddy's parade. 5. The strapping kit from Mr. Nostripes is fantastic. I hit the screws with a little blue Loctite, because I did lose a couple of them after my first troop. Outside of that, my torso is apparently long, so I'm going to have to add some snaps to make sure the chest stays overlapping the abs. 6. The helmet liner is from a motorcycle helmet. I used to ride, so I'm used to the "fat cheeks" feel, and after adding this to my bucket it feels so much more comfortable. Additionally, the wicking properties help immensely. Lastly, the plastic backers protects my face from the screw posts! $20 from Amazon, got it in XL. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004HB2HY0/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Thanks for checking my build out!
  21. Thanks Steve, and DOH, I knew I'd forget something. I even had the checklist in front of me. Will my 501st submission side photos work? I can take new ones tomorrow, if not. I'll also get photos of the bicep strap mixed with the forearm strap. I don't particularly like the way it fits, but I can at least demonstrate how well the bicep hook works (and it feels far more comfortable when it's strapped on the hook!) This is the photo of how it looks when the strap is on the hook: Also, I edited the main post to add the following three photos:
  22. Ah, ok. I used webbing, not elastic. But that's an easy fix, just a little velcro lost. I'm glad you're happy now So the left bicep (right in the photo) isn't actually bigger - it's shaped completely different - almost like a V. Maybe an issue with MTK's kit? Both also have the "thumbprint". Here's a couple photos, hopefully it shows the vast difference. The strange thing is that the openings at the bottom are basically the same diameter (same issue as the forearms).
  23. Thanks for the compliments. I appreciate the criticism, too! I'll be honest - the forearms and biceps are indeed a little large on me, but that's a bit intentional, as I'm going through a weight training program right now, and will likely gain size in certain areas (the thighs are also a little large). I anticipating having to redo the shoulder straps to adjust for my chest. One thing on the forearms, though: I did adjust them down considerably to fit better - scary thing taking CA glue apart, haha. However, I can just *barely* get my hand through the wrist area now. I tapered them somewhat, but I can't really figure out how to make it taper any more to fit my forearms while maintaining the same width cover strip. Any suggestions here would be appreciated - I don't anticipate my forearms changing size as much as my biceps and thighs. Oh, and one last thing. I added Germain's dang straps to the arm pieces and it feels so friggin weird now, haha! I actually kind of liked the way the biceps looked before, though :|
  24. Bobby Shively TK-31100 Georgia Garrison Armor: MTK Helmet: MTK Blaster: Hyperfirm E-11 Height: 6' Weight: 170 Boots: TK Boots Belt: TKittel Hand Plates: Sonneschein white non-latex Seal: Darman Holster: Darman Electronics: Echo fan kit, Aker voice amp
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