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  1. My daughter and I made the cut for the Salvation Army Photo Contest up here in Wisconsin. We would greatly appreciate any likes, but check out some of the other great photos too. It's a great cause and I was proud to be a part of it this year. Especially moved when a lady came up and thanked me for all that the 501st does. Turns out that she works for Make A Wish. Happy Holidays to all my fellow troopers. Dracos https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=187671871428091&set=a.187671444761467.1073741845.143426379185974&type=3&theater
  2. Awesome! I think this is one of the best solo opportunities around. Great work!
  3. Thanks for all of the feedback! Once again this is a great easy way to put the armor to use. A lot of times you have your choice of locations and hours - no super long drives or having to get off of work to participate. You do not have to coordinate the troop with a group - it simply takes a single call into SA to schedule. Make sure to mention the 501st and what that means in the phone call. Our local SA administrator thought the idea was great. And that was it. Super easy troop! Because I was doing this with my daughter I chose the day before Thanksgiving hoping that generosity would be higher. To be honest I was pretty shocked at how many people did give. So it was a nice way to introduce my daughter to community service, and a whole lot of fun. I know we will probably be doing it again next year, if not before then. . . . I am pretty sure they still have openings during the next month.
  4. Love it! OK - the Royal Guard with the reindeer headband was my favorite. It made me laugh, they all make me smile. What a great group!
  5. My daughter and I signed up to ring the bells at the local grocery stores Salvation Army post. Unfortunately our camera gave up the ghost before we were able to get a picture of the two of us so the rest of the photos were after we got home. I didn't use the Stanley to transport because our changing room was one frosty parking lot this morning so we put as much of the suits together as we could ahead of time, tried to stack them carefully in the order of dress and then drove carefully over bumps. Due to the fact that we knew there would be young children present, we tried to make the costumes a little less threatening and more specific to the season. Overall it was a great experience for both of us. People's reactions were very good. It made a lot of folks smile, some were Star Wars fans, some just appreciated the effort to capture attention for a good cause. Having Ame with, was a big draw. Half-size troopers draw in the cute non-threatening factor. And I've gotta brag - she did a great job handling the more uncomfortable parts of the situation. She kept her helmet on for 2.5 hours even though her lenses were fogging and she had no fans. When we were dressing this morning I told her before exiting our warm van that this was going to be chilly, was she sure she wanted to do it? - her reply "That's the life of a Stormtrooper!" It gave folks a smile and I'd like to think that some donated where they might not have. I know one gentleman came by a second time and emptied his wallet all the time telling us what a great idea it was and how nice the costumes were. For me it was a great time with my little girl, something neither of us will soon forget. Playing dress up is fun, but playing dress up for a good cause - that's the best! For those who are interested, the Salvation Army almost always needs volunteers for this, they are nation-wide, and it is an easy "troop" to do if you have a small group or even on your own. (NOTE: This one is a "sans blasters" activity) Happy Holidays! Dracos
  6. Thanks Major! She actually got out of the house ahead of me as I was still suiting up when Trick or Treat started. It took quite a bit of convincing to get her to dump out the couple of hand fulls of candy that she already had for some photos. Thankfully, no one could see the pouty face about that.Gotta love the frown!
  7. Heh, I find that the bucket has a certain sense of understated class. It certainly is the best of the squad.
  8. My 10 year old wanted to be an incinerator trooper this year. I know the build is not perfectly proportioned, but I felt pretty good about it overall. Made out of craft foam multi- coated with glue and decopauge finish. Trick or Treat 2012 Held up by a ninja Happy kid Bucket of Candy
  9. I understand. I did without my blaster this last week too. A shooter here took lives last weekend at a temple in my community. We didn't think that the blaster would effect the kids I worked with, but felt that it could especially make adults feel uncomfortable given the tragic events in the area. I was just glad that they let me come, since there were concerns about representing a character that in the movies is a soldier who shoots at people. I do think the distance of an event several states away is much different than when someone opens fire five minutes from where you will be trooping. For me I really understood the concerns and was very open about the fact that I would be leaving the weapon potion of my costume at home. In the end I was actually glad that I didn't have it because I am sure that some of the campers that were a little less than well behaved would have undoubtedly been grabbing for it. And you guys look great anyways with both hands to hold babies!
  10. I got to take the TK out to its first public appearance at a local camp. One group of campers was going through a different holiday each day of this week and today they had an egg hunt. I got to help be a hiding place for one of the eggs. Unfortunately my brow trim came off while greeting campers in the morning. I had a great time and definitely faced my fear of being mobbed by a large group of children several times during the day. While it may take some time to polish out the scratches, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I think I'm hooked.
  11. I so need dance lessons. I did my first public stint in the armor today and I cannot count how many people asked me to "bust a move" "dance" etc. It was at a camp and the energy was very high. We played a full body version of rock paper scissors, but it was man gorilla net. For me it wasn't so much acting as just fitting in with the routine that was already going on. We were working with kids so there was a lot of silliness and I played along as well as I could. I did have an awkward moment when a couple of preschool classes from a near-by day care came by. The little ones looked really scared. I kept my distance and started playing peek-a-boo. Some of them warmed up, but not enough that I felt confident approaching - so I stayed back and waved.
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