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  1. Just wondering how to upload pics to the forums?
  2. Just wondering how to upload pics to the forums?
  3. I just received my B grade ESB blaster from Hyperfirm. It looks amazing and was so worth the price! Their B version looks incredible! If you need a weapon then contact Lewis. You will be glad you did.
  4. Hello Stuart from another Stuart...love your country...NZ made LOTR's!!
  5. I've been reading here for months now but finally am on my way to being a TK. A buddy sold me his NE armor kit and I have an ATA as ANH stunt being finished by a garrison pal and going to get another ATA done as ESB. Great forums and great people here!
  6. The more I've read about plasti dip, that's the way I will go...will even skip the cheesecloth too. Thanks for all your inputs!!
  7. I was reading an ATA build and cheese cloth was added to give a great looking interior and I'm sure s little more strength. I was thinking about using plaster cloth. It's a plaster covered guaze used for model landscaping. I was thinking after its dried just brushing a 50/50 white glue & water over the cloth to seal it then paint it black....
  8. A buddy of mine has NE armor without the helmet he's wanting to sell. He's offered it to me and I have an ATA bucket. Is NE a good choice. I'm 6' 1" and I've read NE is good for larger troopers. Thanks all....
  9. A buddy from my garrison is going to help me with the build, these forums are great!
  10. Hello all, I am interested in finding someone who can build a bucket for me. I am interested in having the ESB helmet. I'm new here & would prefer a more experienced chap to do the lid. Thank you gents!
  11. Hello, I know the helmet is no longer acceptable but what about forearms, thigh armor, calves and such? Is any of that still acceptable? Great site & glad to be here!
  12. I got their email & he stated they have newer armor which is improved over the older type you must be talking about. Thanks for your response.
  13. Hey all, just joined & have been reading a lot about armor. I still have the old FX armor but am wanting new armor. I would like to have other troopers opinions that have & use AM armor. I've already emailed an inquiry to them & have their kit options and prices. I am wanting to do the ANH stunt so will this armor be the way to go? Again so glad to be here, the info is amazing! Thanks all
  14. Hello, I'm from Charleston also. We have a healthy group here.
  15. My name is Stuart, IG-5344 of the Carolina Garrison. I like being a gunner but now ready to become a Stormie. I plan to do ANH Stunt. I have already read about armor & thinking on RT-MOD. Glad to be here!
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