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  1. Great to see another FO! For the cracks I used fibreglass matting and polyester resin from a boat repair kit. I applied on the backside of the armor where the crack was and made sure to cover way more area than just the crack itself. This will kill the flex in that area and prevent the crack from progressing. After this you can use body filler as normal on the front and sand flush I sanded all of the pieces on the inside with 120grit sandpaper to get rid of stray fibers and sharp spots, then gave the entire kit a good wash. This eliminates itching/snagging and just promotes good adhesion for snaps etc. Some use plastidip on the inside but I don't see the point in that personally. After this i'd recommend giving the outside of the kit a light sanding with fine grit sandpaper (320+), then hit it with a coat of primer. This will show every single little blemish, pinhole, and crack. My kit looked flawless until I had a layer of primer on it
  2. lmao this is profile picture material!
  3. Sick!! Always wondered, how are those under the gloves? Tedious to get on/off? Bulky?
  4. Thank you! And yes, so true Totally agree. It's on my to-do list when I get to unpacking everything I was gonna do that, but I am scared it's gonna pull through
  5. Just tried uploading the drop box pictures and it seems like Imgur is throwing a fit atm. So I had to use Photobucket for these Drop box side pictures: I agree. I've added velcro to that elastic connection so adjusting is no problem Here's one from a troop where it was more suitably placed, if needed i'll ofc take new pics in the same pose. I'm in the middle of a move atm so things are all over the place!
  6. Hey! Finally time to get this going as I received my blaster. Name: Daniel TKID: 61514 Garrison: Nordic Garrison 501st page: http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25720 Build thread: Mandatory Information Armor = ATA Helmet= ATA Blaster= Praetorian Blasters Optional Height = 177cm / 5'10" Weight = 83kg / 183lbs Boots = Imperial Boots Canvas belt = Burkbench Designs Hand Plates (+TD screws + frown mesh + single-cap rivets)= @justjoseph63 Electronics= TRamp Neck Seal = The Imperial Seamstress (bought via Burkbench Designs) Holster = Burkbench Designs Here are the pics in album form: https://imgur.com/a/BOYLoSV Click the pics in this post for higher resolution Front Left Left arms up Left arms up detail Back Right (the overlap issue has been fixed with a bracketing system, let me know if you want updated photos) Right arms up Right arms up detail Ab detail Forearms Cod Buttplate Interior strapping Sniper knee Helmet Hovi mic tips Lens color Thigh attachment Blaster Neckseal TD Belt / Holster Pop rivets + washers on front Snaps at the back
  7. Just to update, received blaster today, looks great as expected!
  8. Been contacting them only on facebook yeah. It's mostly the constant broken promises and lackluster info that are a bummer. Last promise was tuesday this week (today), so hopefully i'll have a tracking number in my inbox soon And yeah that's why i'm still holding on to this, i've handled them IRL and they are gorgeous!
  9. Over 2 weeks and still not a peep from him. What's confusing is that I see people that ordered a month ago getting their blasters now.. While i'm here wondering if I should get a refund and order a Doopy instead.
  10. Updated thread with 2 new pictures to match Imgur's updated front page. Also added section on resizing photos before upload, to cut down on upload time if you have a subpar internet connection.
  11. They are Rupes X-Cut sanding pads Should be able to get them in some of the auto detailing shops in the US I hope. As they are slightly padded and with velcro they work really well with a drill for larger flatter areas, but also by itself by hand.
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