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  1. My suggestion would be hard luggage since its thinner. Other than that those 18 gallon storage tubs.
  2. I am having the same issue but mine is to a gmail.
  3. This is exactly where I am talking about. One side seems to be a little stronger than the other and would love to strengthen it up. Can someone point to a thread where this was done or can I just wing this one?
  4. I do too. That is why its the last thing I did but should have been first lol.
  5. SO this may be a dumb question but here it is anyways. If a helmet (not from anovos) has just a thin area but most of the helmet is solid, would it be ok to do this dip/cloth method only in that area, or all around to just keep it even?
  6. I have the same problem with mine. I am going to add a bit of fabric to the ends. I tried everything I could think of hook and eye, velcro on the edge. The only thing I am going to try before sewing on fabric is magnets. That may help keep it flush. If not, fabric is an easy fix.
  7. I ended up getting one from a gentleman on here for a good price that looks well. Thank you all
  8. No i didnt. When you type in stuff to the search, the results are not very good. It doesn't bring up stuff like this. **Edited for english.
  9. Thank you! Yeah I haven't really noticed a big list like this so I am trying to help people get a grasp of what its going to cost just for the supplies, and what work that goes into this. It's totally worth it, but but maybe it will help curb the shock and awe of what really goes into this. Ill be posting some videos tonight of my trimming.
  10. Thoughts on this holster? http://www.ebay.com/itm/STORMTROOPER-BLASTER-HOLSTER-star-props-armor-wars-E-11-/151710718938?hash=item2352a9dbda:g:v-cAAOxyVaBSzxgr
  11. I've heard it done a few times too! lol Its funny. Great thing about a bucket they cant heard me laugh. That was my biggest problem as an officer, I smile too much.
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