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  1. Ah makes sense. Just was curious
  2. So dumb question why not just use the entire 850 arms? Just curious of there's a difference I missed.
  3. I assuming its like Vader's Star Destroyer. Executor was too graphic so they went with just calling it his for marketing.
  4. They aren't the same. The riot baton is a tonfa style stick, looks like it collapses almost like a real world ASP. The ground crew are long sticks with orange glowy sections on the end.
  5. One of the Ukrainian 3D printers that are in the anovos fb group did one. The original came from the Dark Forces series from the 90s.
  6. Thank god! I'll be in touch soon
  7. Does anyone have a good source for Jedi belt material? I've been googling but haven't had luck find any strapping the required size.
  8. I miss the room from my old F/X helmet, you could have electronics for 9 people in there. But also not sad to see them fading for the more accurate options.
  9. It could be done, but not really worth it. The armor was built to be assembled overlap style. doing it any other method is just making work up to do.
  10. If possible, maybe raise the thighs a tad, just to cut down the odds of your drop boxes dropping behind the thighs, it has happened to me before. The Thermal and the bicep you already picked up on, and they are fairly easy fixes that can be taken care of easy. Good job!
  11. I can fit my glasses in F/X, MRCE, and screen accurate helmets with no problems, occasional hang ups gettin the helmet off but nothing that bad.
  12. Helmets are gettin harder and harder to get ahold of was only a matter of time.
  13. Either his V1 or V2 was just not right, it made the F/X look accurate if I recall correctly. Of course as many helmets are out there now I may be thinking of the MARCO...
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