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  1. When Covid-19 finish and post office will run again, we will begin and he will put photos, of course But I think this will still take a few months
  2. We will organize Whatsapp armor partie to assemble it in L3 accurate when he has his armour at home. I'm sure that he will be a good "assemblist"
  3. Hola Llorenç,, ¡¡¡ Bienvenido a nuestro destacamento !!! Te mando un PM para que pueda ayudarte en todo el proceso tanto de compra como de montaje de la armadura y que puedas montarla al máximo nivel de screen accurate que es el nivel Centurion. Un saludo
  4. Big reasons !!! C'mon troopers !!!
  5. Enhorabuena y bienvenido al club de los que trabajamos a destajo para ayudar a que los nuevos reclutas tengan un camino más fácil y llano para entrar a lo mejor del lado oscuro !!!
  6. Mandar PM al webmaster con el enlace a tu perfil que hay en la Central o foro 501st.com http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20781 Éste es tu perfil
  7. With so shiny Majorca sun and our spetial day light is very difficult to have a nice pic and not have a little changes in colour tones pics...... I can assure you that grey colour is umbrol #5
  8. A Kit-Kat in a hard day traking down rebels........
  9. NO, you cannot get eib level much less centurion level. Georg : Last week I have had the dubious "honour" to have an LCA armour into my hands. It is very poor quality in craftsmanship and appearance and details are very bad, If they are present. It is a recast of FX and recently they have recasted ATA armour, so now it is a mix of FX and ATA. All products of Korsair Kids are recast. So, LCA is a recast. Well, boots are not a recast but they are ugly and have some strange form on the point. It is not 2mm, it is like cigarrete paper. To become a member of 501st with this armour you need A LOT of work and change many pieces. So better buy another armour. If you really love Star Wars..... If you really want to become a 501st member..... If you really want to become a good 501st member.... If you really want to shine on events...... (even dirty.....) Don't buy recast armours, don't buy rubbish armours, don't buy LCA armours...... please...... It is sayd that one image is better than 1000 words. There you have LCA ammo belt and handplates. Enjoy them.....
  10. Congratulationssssssssss!!!!!!! Now for Centurion level!!!!!! Go Go Go Go Go !!!
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