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  1. thanks!!! gazmosis, faie, Carol, group whatsapp, thanks four you help!
  2. Jordi Bastida Moreno 24419 Centurión A4 Thanks!
  3. Buenos días. gracias por el Apoyo y gasmosis tigresa! las Nuevas Imagenes sí Realizan, si Contratar hago lo busque. Tengo muchas ganas de Tener El Nivel Deseado!
  4. The alignment is the belt to the abdomen is not in. As soon as you go into that case
  5. General Information Name = Jordi Bastida TK ID = 24419 FISD name = Cuacpato Garrison = Spanish Garrison Body Type Height = 183cm Weight = 80k Costume Armor = SDS Helmet = SDS Blaster = Doopy doos Boots = Shop Valencia center Canvas belt = I made this myself Hand Plates = Trooperbay Electronics= no Neck Seal = I made this myself Holster = I made this myself Front - Back - Left - Right - Action Shot Armor Details Shoulder Bride Front Shoulder Bridge Back Abdomen Details Hand Plates Thigh Pack Attachment Knee Plate Drop Box Back Cod and Butt plate attachment Interior strapping Laterals Helmet Details Front Sides Back Hovi Tip Detail Lens Color S-Trim Thermal Detonator Boots Holster Neckseal Belt Blaster Overlapping Samples Ooopss! due to the disassembling some pieces underwent breakage and they have been repaired with patches on the inside.
  6. a question on the overlappings. once disassembled all the armor, it will ask for the centurion level, when it has all preparation, the photos that I must raise are all these, but 8 photos of all the interior of sis so that comprobeis that all this equal. or it is enough with raising a few? as my English is very bad I use translator. to excuse
  7. thank you very much of the suggestions and the support, I am in favor very happy for having obtained the expert level! now to work for the centurion level! And not to forget to Faie the Spanish Attache by everything what contributes and instructs
  8. Thank you very much Gazmosis. all the advice for centurion tendre in account, since I want to arrive at that level. I have modified the holes of blaster, I hope that they esten to the height.
  9. Información General Nombre = Jordi Bastida CT ID = 24419 Nombre FISD = Cuacpato Garrison = Español Garrison http://www.legion501.com/ Card = http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=17989&costumeID=124 Tipo De Cuerpo Altura = 183cm Peso = 80k Disfraz Armor = SDS Casco = SDS Blaster = Hasbro Conversión kit Doopy doos Botas = center Shop Valencia Cinturón de lienzo = me hizo esto por mí mismo Placas Mano = Trooperbay = No Electrónica Cuello Seal = me hizo esto por mí mismo Holster = hice esto por mí mismo Front - armas en el lado Volver - armas en el lado Izquierda - Brazo levantado Derecha - Brazo levantado Izquierda Correcto Toma Acción Armor Detalles Hombro Novia Frente Hombro Bridge Volver Detalles Abdomen Placas de mano Muslo Paquete Accesorio Placa de la rodilla Gota Box Volver Cod y la placa de tope de fijación Flejado interior Laterales Conexiones Casco Detalles Frente Lados Atrás Detalle Hovi Sugerencia Color de las lentes S-Trim Detonador termal Botas Pistolera Sello de cuello Cinturón Blaster ¡un saludo!
  10. Buenas tardes mis datos son: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17989 muchas gracias!
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