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  1. Just received my stormtrooper boots from tkboots and I love them. Very well made fast shipping time and quick response. Great price for them. Will definetly buy from again. Looks like I bought from a department store well put together.
  2. would you happen to know what are the measurement limits to the areas the shim plate covers?
  3. I have looked for this answer for hours and not found it. For basic acceptance would I still be able to get in if I have the correct front cover shim on my thigh armor but behind that there is a lot of the front center crease exposed. From what I've seen most people have about 5 or 10mm showing on each side of the cover strip, but I have about 15-18mm on each side of my cover strip. Even though I'm using the correct strip will that ding me? I need that extra room for my thighs and really can't afford to trim any more.
  4. That is very reassuring thank you so much. I was completely freaked out. I'm new to all of this so I wasn't sure. Thanks again.
  5. So I received my anovos stormtrooper armor about a month ago counted all the pieces and everything looked good and was accounted for so I been working on it In My living room with regular lighting not bright day lights or out door lights. Well just awhile ago I took a picture of it to show my friend and and noticed it looked off white. I sent my pic out to my friend and to another person and both said it looked nice but one said I thought the armor was white it looks cream color. So I took it to a different room and it does look off white. My helmet looks bright white tho. Is this normal? Or did I get a bad batch from anovos? I'm going to upload pics.
  6. Hi I'm fairly new to this stormtrooper thing. I just received my anovos kit a few weeks ago and about 40% done but I have a question. For the canvas belt do we have to have the two snaps that connect to the ab piece or can we use two pieces of Velcro? I just received my Kittell belt from www.imperialissue.com so it's very sturdy and awesome but I don't want to put anymore holes in the plastic of the belt as well as the ab piece. Also it gives me wiggle room to adjust if necessary. Has anyone tried this?
  7. Looks awesome It fits you so well how did you manage to get the thighs on so perfect and lined up to the cover strip. I too have anovos armor but I'm 5'10 180 lbs and the thighs seem super tight. Did you have to add material. I'm doing the legs last for that reason. Also I noticed you trimmed one of your shoulder bells. Was that because they were too tight? I fill like my shoulders pop out too much. I feel like I need to open them up wider. Sorry for so many questions.
  8. Hi Hankey I was wondering did you end up getting that neck seal from Amazon. I came across it myself and it has good reviews and it's a great price. I haven't found any info on that neckseal on this forum yet so I was curious if you got it.
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