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  1. I got to speak with the Prop Masters while having issues trying to remove my holster from my belt since it was riveted on. According to him, the suits (TK's) & their weapons were all on Loan from LFL & had all been used in the production & filming of Rogue One.
  2. There is nothing Wrong with using FX armor. Most of the Fans and almost all the kids you will encounter won't even begin to have any clue what "brand' of armor you are wearing, all they will see is a Stormtrooper if its put together properly.
  3. If you can get your hands on a fresh kit, you'd be saving yourself a lot of frustration and extra work...
  4. Looking good man! I just picked one of these suits tonight. Glad to see they are turning out so nice!
  5. I turned Halloween into a 3 day party this year with the help of LBCC
  6. Awesome pictures! Thanks for having us E3 & SDCC this year, it was really an honor getting to troop for Bio-ware!
  7. Happy Birthday Fearless Leader!
  8. Check out our write up http://www.geekchicdaily.com/region/la/story/comics/comic-books/meltdown-geekchicla-los-angeles-launch-party-dodger-dogs-pinkberry-veev-big-buck-hunter-terminator http://www.geekchicdaily.com/region/la/image-gallery/gcla-launch-party-geek-gallery
  9. If it ain't broke, don't fix, look at it, touch it, hell don't even whisper its name....
  10. The AM has very clean, hard defined lines & definition compared to the old FX which tends to be "flatter" at least from what I have seen standing next to suits who have seen 10+ years in the field. The goal of the new AM suit was to be something between "Idealistic Stormtrooper" & "Realistic Stormtrooper" (something a real solider would have to wear). The best part of the AM is that it feels like it could take a bullet, not really but you get my meaning. While true, its roomy enough for larger troopers, I have seen plenty of "lean" trooper make fantastic looking suits. Truth is, with any suit you are you to have to trim it to your exact body type if you want it to look good. You get out of your suit, exactly what you put into it. Just stay away from the AM lid. Just request the "lite" kit if you do order one. On a side note, Ive know ive seen an ATA suit up close, but I didn't have much of a chance to look at it closely.
  11. I made my Thermal Det so that one of the end cap pulls off & put stuff inside (keys, lighter) Also when I installed my inner drop boxes, I made them so they were removable. Great place to keep business cards Ive picked up from vendors at cons. Finally I picked up a couple dog tag chains from the local army surplus store down the street, combined them then place the chain loop into the fold of my wallet then I put a hair tie around the outside of the wallet to keep it closed. This last one is a little hard to get out when wearing my armor but as long as you plan for any purchases its not too bad. But really if you want pockets, go pilot or scout & enjoy sitting while you're at it.
  12. I had the same problem with my AM also abs, my arms were to big for the bells. I fixed this problem with a heat gun and a lot patients. But totally fixable. Just be careful.
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