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  1. If i had the cash. i'd put a big sign on the highway saying shop at Mike's the best stormtrooper depot this side of the outer rim! I bet Watto would be green with envy! cheers!
  2. HI Mike, as always you are the guru! a few videos suggestions for the noobs like me. -How to prep and attach the green visor inside the helmet. -How to put chin straps. -How you do your Hovi mix tips...with screws or glued.... thanks you should make a "making of DVD and sell it"
  3. ahahhahah everything is proceeding as i have foreseen ahahahahah !!! goood good!!!! I hope your store expands too!!! lots of nice stuff in there! my new shopping place when budget permits!
  4. Mike, while i am thinking about this, would you make some tubestripes templates for the move along helmet?
  5. Hi Guys, Just to let you know that TK4510 (Mike) sells stuff to make your helmets cool! I ordered a kit of Humbrol paint last week or so and i already have them in my hand from California to New Brunswick Canada, faster than light speed!!! I have nothing but good things to say and big 2 thumbs Up! I ll actually order some more of that hard to find paint and maybe a few other things from him! He did not disappoint me that is for sure!
  6. Hi again Panda, ------- the question i am trying to find the answer for is this... going with the your photo how long should the tube stripes be from one end to the other and how wide or tall should the stripes be? i am supposed to get an ATA (yeah!) helmet so you may know roughly the proper size for the measurements of the tube stripes. i can resize them in gimp after... thanks for your patience...
  7. thanks Panda this is very much appreciated! cheers!
  8. this might help answer your question: Move along information link
  9. Lol if you look at this closely you can see E.T weird ahahahahahah
  10. Hi all, I have seen a few helmets that seem to have a layer of solid thick foam in them plus the leaf foam...example move along helmet... is there are better reference or tutorial on how to reproduce this? thanks
  11. again i am trying to solve that blue mystery for myself. like most everyone i tend to agree that french blue is the color of the tube stripes but then again some new photos i have seen seem to suggest that the blue might be of a different shade... ---- if you look at the Dave M helmet here down the webpage the color is blueish with some green in it. ------ I would say that the shade the blue changes depending on the lighting situation on the helmet but it seems that the Dave M helmet photos are correctly lit and do not suffer from shadows of other inteference. Then again several blues might have been used to pain the helmets, who knows, that is the nice thing about this....the mystery!
  12. For myself and others i have decided to collect as much pictures of the move along helmet as possible for reference purposes and the detail obssessed like me. Credits go to all original photographers~! as soon as i find more photos i will post them! Information about helmet can be found here: ----- Original post ------- Photos credit: Gonk27 as you will see you get some really awesome detailed view of the helmet if you want to reproduce it.
  13. of all the ways i have seen to try to recreate the look of an helmet, i think this rates pretty high. ----- of course he re-created an archived look for this helmet but i would say that i would consider this also just a notch above being screen acurate with all the paint chip offs that probably happened over time and after the movie was made. like i said in a previous thread, i think Bobba as the best way to do this so far... as least for the helmet... i was also toying with the idea of trying to roll the paint on the helmet with a small paint roler instead of spraying with a can or using a paint brush...paint rollers have a way of leaving the paint texturized in some distinct way that might be somewhat accurate to how the helmets are painted...
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