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  2. Hi all, Firstly, I’d like to say that Low and higher brow heights are perfectly acceptable and all members are welcome in the legion. I would just highlight that some appear to reflect Stunt or Hero/Promo troopers. The intention of this post is to share educational reference photos with new and aspiring troopers. Based on watching ANH, viewing the many reference photos and additions behind the scenes and historic photos, there is a clear direction regarding various brow heights in ANH. In the spirit of the CRL, this guide would help improve uniformity across the legion. For those that favour a low brow, I would highly recommend checking out the Hero* or Promo Trooper as an ideal option. *please note that not all Hero helmets had a low brow. Below is the Promo Trooper. This features a hero helmet (this is different to the Stunt helmet) and is an iconic look, featuring a low brow (brow trim essentially ‘on’ the top of the eye sockets). There is essentially zero gap between the bubble lenses and the brow trim. There were just six hero helmets made for ANH, made in gloss ABS, intended for close up shots; Luke has a very similar look; Han, on the other hand, had a clear gap (seen here left of shot) 50 Stunt helmets were made for ANH. These were made from green HDPE plastic, then primed and painted. The majority of TKs seen in action and group shots in ANH were Stunt helmets and had a visibly different appearance, including a longer painted ‘frown’ with (for the most part) 4 ‘teeth’ either side, 3 screws per ear rather than 2, flat lenses rather than bubble and (for the majority seen on screen) had a consistent gap between the top of the eyes and the brow. First up is a photo taken outside Shepperton Design Studios and shows approximately half of the 50 Stunt helmets primed and ready to send to the studio. The brow height is consistent across these helmets, each having a clear gap between the eyes and the brow. Note below that perhaps 2 or 3 of 26 helmets have a slightly lower brow. On to screen used, there are a few lower brow stunts featured through ANH, however they are certainly outnumbered by the conventional look. Note the same scenario from ESB (re-using ANH Stunt helmets for the most part); Even quite a few Hero helmets, including Han’s, had the usual gap. I hope that these reference photos help to show the difference with various helmets. This post,and the information included, comes from a passion for the wonderful character that is the Stormtrooper and is not intended as a negative view on those that choose the low brow. Both have their place in our character lineup. I would simply suggest considering the hero or Promo Trooper as an option for those that prefer the low brow. Best wishes Dan
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  4. Reads like it's basically approvable Those gaps already bothered me from the assembly. Will give ABS paste a go which means another shopping trip to the local hardware store. I can also fill the gaps at the front of the thighs like in the LFL archive ones. Speaking about thighs: Just follow the edge of the inside part in a nice curve? Same with the bottom of the left thigh? Outer ridge is 2mm bigger than the inner one. Another non-visible question: How do you protect the bracket screws from tangling up with the undersuit? Cut them down? Shrinking tube? Ductape? Now I'm a little indecisive what to do next: Would love to see how close I can get to EIB and Centurion but this would mean to build an ANH-Blaster. At the moment I feel like I need a break from drilling, glueing and sanding not so well fitting parts And I need additional space for storing blasters...
  5. I like it!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi Ivan, welcome to the FISD. Don't forget to register for 501st access, once you officially have your TK ID.
  7. Thank you Sven, Caleb and Daniel!
  8. Got the left forearm assembled, just need to do some top trimming and some sanding at the cuff. It closes with velcro on the backside of the arm. I did have to do a boiling water dip to get a better curve on them after doing the rough cut. But when closed they fit perfectly and are much more comfortable than my ANH forearms. The backside is current clamping down on the back coverstrip or I would have gotten a pic of that. Sent from my SM-T597P using Tapatalk
  9. Hi, Steven and welcome to FISD. Feel free to ask whatever you need with you build. here you can find a lot of info and experienced troopers willing to help. Cheers
  10. Great idea, at least in theory! Test it out and let us know!
  11. Hi Andre, Great job with your armor, I'm pretty sure you're going to get easy basic approval . I little fix I think you can make in a couple of minutes is to trim your left forearm to have a smooth line and better look. Let us know when you receive your 501st TK ID number in this link https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/160-newly-approved-members-sound-off/ so we can welcome you to the ranks. Cheers
  12. Good idea for a 1-piece scope.
  13. You already have active TK status and your email matches what I see for your account. I’m not sure what you are asking?
  14. Like Paul clearly stated the original movie armors were very thin so more flexible as you can see from Han's chest plate, you will also notice Han's thigh pieces bend quite a bit as he jump into the trash compactor, a 2mm+ plastic doesn't have any give and the armor would just cut into your skin, way too rigid for stunt work. I use .80 gauge which is thicker than original because IMHO its the best of both worlds, you get durability and real armor feel without loosing too much details, 1mm is very thin and gets even thinner in many spots when thermoforming so it has a very cheap/fragile feel to it, when people pay that much money for a costume they expect quality and a 1mm though its movie accurate and pulls are super sharp it simply looks too flimsy for a armor. BTW Paul your more in a lying down position and to boot on a soft couch so the armor doesn't get the same stress Mark (AP)
  15. Been gone for a bit, I got busy with a summer class that turned out to be harder than I thought. It's over with and now I can start working on the build again. I was stretching my boots while I studied for the class and today I tried the hair dryer, the boots feel perfect now. As for progress on the build, I started working on things that I took notes on a month ago that were bugging me and the bottom half feels great. I am currently working on a button system for the top, not a big fan of the Velcro that I currently have. If that will make it so the armor wont pass let me know. Lets get down to the photos. Need to do a hot water bath for this piece, still over lapping (calf) Need to cut this down, it's pinching me a bit (thigh) I have setup a belt that I will wear for the thighs. Is this okay? Also the gap between the thighs and the calves seems to be too big, is it okay if they are that separated? Also the gap between the pieces that are glued together. I am thinking about using abs paste to fix it, is that okay? This is one of the calves, should I cut it? Here it is with the bottom, currently doing some things to the top so I could not attach it. Are the ammo packs too far out? The butt cover seems to be a little too open, should I fix that? Lastly here are the sides, the right needs to be painted white over the silver caps. The left side is something I have no idea how to fix, the bottom of it will not be flush with the kidney. Anyone have any recommendations to fix this? Thanks to everyone on these forums! You guys have been so much help and I can't say thank you enough. I tried reaching out to the garrison in my area about any upcoming build parties and they did not know of any so these forums have filled the gap of guidance that I have needed.
  16. TK-10016 , I am in there, but not email, I don;t know how to edit or add my email. heres my link , and email - scotlandferguson@yahoo.com https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=15763 Thanks
  17. Thanks everyone for the tips and suggestions. Just a small update for today. Picked up some shop supplies. - A decent 4" belt sander - Chicago screws assortment set for doing my helmet visor upgrade - 1.5" velcro discs for helmet attachments down the road. Getting things gathered for the TD Paint I picked up for the TD Unsure if these clips are right? All the reference pics look different. Thoughts??? Just a quick bolt together, brow still too low for Stunt? or is it passable? Kinda like it the way it is. Comments and suggestions welcome! Kris
  18. #25 Sunday, July 21, 2019 Empire Strikes Back in Concert Pittsburgh, PA Pictures to come
  19. #24 Saturday, July 20, 2019 Mt. Lebanon Public Library Mt. Lebanon, PA
  20. Hello everybody! I recently purchased real M38 scope off ebay for a good price. As I learn more about this hobby I know that the best way to get better is through practice. Therefore I decided I would try my hand at molding and casting replicas of the scope. Here is the scope: It is a 1943 version and it is in very good nick. I began by cleaning the scope and building a little box for it out of foam core. Then I used my pottery knowledge from middle school It wasn't the smoothest, but it'll work. One thing I wish I did was add escapes for air bubbles at this point, but I didn't think about that until after I cast. Here are some pics. The mold itself is not the prettiest, but the detail of the scope was great! One thing that always bugged me about resin copies of scopes is that to make them believable you had to drill and clean the insides out and then add lenses. I have seen others here do this wonderfully, but I lacked the skill and patience when I first started out here. Tino will remember this. So what I decided to do in this case was to cast in clear resin. This way all you have to do is mask the lenses before painting and then pull them off afterwards. Here is the first cast: This is where I learned I needed to cut in some escapes for air and whatnot. But to prove this concept I painted this scope today to see how it would look. Note I didn't bother cleaning this casting up much as it was so defective. Here are the pictures: Let me know what you think! For my first ever silicone mold I am pretty happy, but I will probably make a new one eventually. Cheers!
  21. Awesome, thanks, guys! My GML asked me to move the handplates up a tad as he felt the gap was too big so I reglued them a bit higher (about 15 cm so it now touches my wrists). He also pointed out that my belt is off centre in the pics (dressing issue). Small touches but it'll certainly help me when I request for higher levels. Have a great one!
  22. Ok guys it's official TK37512 reporting as active. Now just clean it up before my first troop.
  23. Looking good so far. What filament are you using? Looking forward to how it turns out.
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  25. Hello and welcome aboard, good luck with the research, looking forward to seeing a build thread from you in the not too distant future
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