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  2. I'd say they had enough ear bashing at celebration Anovos, get it together guys, you've had 4 years now and consumer confidence couldn't be lower.
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  4. I tried hooks for nostalgia, but I suit up on my own a lot and it was near impossible to do without assistance. Industrial strength velcro has not let me down.
  5. Magnets... Don't need to worry about the closure, snap and go.
  6. In my most accurate costume screen accurate bra hooks, with most others velcro
  7. The assembly instructions were in the photo ! ( round in the aluminum pipe tube ). They are also here Thanks p4ntb0y and T-Jay (I think some parts on my first blaster are from you ). As you've seen on Flirck, I love stormtroopers helmets
  8. I just put together my FX kit I have had in box forever. I read this thread so many times. There is one thing I did not do. I cut my butt plate at the seem. I had a local Garrison member bring his ANOVOS kit to my house to compare. His butt plate matches up perfectly to the line on my FX kit. So, I went with it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I made the visor removable using Chicago screws, like Alay and TKZombie did. I used this green grinding screen that I saw on another post. Sorry, I can't remember who originally posted it. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B003X3UAMY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I made EVA foam grommets to help keep the Chicago screws in place and reduce some strain.
  10. Hi Eddie We do need you to do some additional cleaning of the teeth as there`s still some paint in the gum area. Great job on the other fixes - almost there
  11. Thank you for the feedback. I will find a method that will work to keep shins closed in the back. I will try velcro as suggested. I will permanently glue the thighs. The glue did not hold without an reinforcing cover strip on the inside of thighs. I have already started to fix thighs. As for centering the coverstrip on the back of thighs, I am not sure that will be possible with my FX kit. Looking at your comments, I do think that I can trim them down some more to make them fit my frame better. However, the only side that I can trim to do that is the inside half. If I want to keep the cover strip centered in the front, I do not think that the seam on the back will move much towards center. However, I will do my best to improve upon current state. I used FX kit EIB approvals as a guide when I was putting mine together. I saw similar issues with rear centering on some of them as well. Yes, when I was at Motor City Comic Con, someone suggested using foam on inside of leg pieces to keep them aligned and more centered on legs. I plan to do some more trimming on legs in the areas you suggested to get more even gaps to abs and butt plates. Walking around at the convention highlighted some of those areas. I appreciate your time and feedback on my kit. Please, do not take my comment about thigh trimming as pushing back or negative. When I was assembling the thighs, I wanted them to be even and centered as well. I had trouble figuring out a way to achieve this. I finally just moved forward thinking it is in the back and will not be seen or obvious as much.
  12. Thank you very much! I have finished the modification. Please check it.
  13. The modification is completed. Please check it. Thank you very much!!!
  14. No, that's not how it works. You would only cut out the neckline of the chest plate if you was short. This allows the chest to sit lower and not dig into your neck. If you're tall, you will have no real adjustment between the armour parts, just over your shoulders so the gap would be bigger between your chest and back plate to allow your tall body to fit inside. I do all the fine trimming with a Dremel grinding stone then scrape off the swarf with a blade and finish with fine sand paper.
  15. Anovos sure went quiet after celebration. Even their Live Chat has been down ever since then.
  16. Good to know. I was aiming for the small gap you're talking about. The second try was much better. I was using the plastic shoulder strap for reference instead of the elastic one. Did I understand you right, that bigger persons have to cut out the neck of the chestpiece to lower the back? No concern so far. I did a rough cut with about 10mm all around to remove the excess material. Didn't want to cut away too much where I attach the brackets. Do you round of the edges somehow or just sanding? Especially at the kidney piece.
  17. This is great. Thank you. I will trim them down and take more photos. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Hi Laura and thank you for applying for Expert Infantry. You´re looking great Trooper but we do need additional photos and they are: # Thigh ammo pack - inside fixings. # Sniper knee - straight on front pic. # Mic tips - straight on front pic. # Helmet left side - straight on pic. # Helmet back - straight on pic. # Lens color - backlit # Abdomen detail - without belt. # Left and right side detail - arms raised. # Interior strapping. # Neck seal. # You will also need a blaster - left/right/ D-ring # Action shot with blaster. You also appear to have a slightly larger gap then the allowed 1/2" (12.5mm) on the left side between the ab and kidney and it gradualy gets bigger towards the belt. However you seem to have an overlap on the right so is should just be a matter of adjusting the strapping and take a new pic. You got this Trooper
  19. Had such a great time at my first troop, I quickly signed up for an event in Corpus Christi. I arrived early to be sure I had plenty of time to get my armor on but still needed help with some pieces. This was a longer troop than my first one but still had a great time: The local Volunteers and a huge help. These little girls (and future Star Wars fans) were an absolute blast. The smile says it all... Even the security guard wanted a picture with us. Amazing (and satisfying) how many people just want a picture with us! And then I had my first troop related TK Malfunction. The Velcro on the back of the right shin came loose resulting in a 'blow out.' Luckily it was toward the end of the troop: Will be moving repairing the shin soon and getting ready for my next troop!!
  20. Just a quick update on where things have gone so far this year... I got my official 501st approval back in January (TK-14430). Actual approval only took a few days . I was part of the Texas Gulf Coast Squad and quickly signed up for my first troop, which was a Children's Hospital in McAllen. I was more nervous about getting my armor on than I was about the actual troop. But the other members present helped me get geared up and I had a blast: I'm the taller Stormtrooper on the right towards the back. I'm the Stormtrooper on the far right. In the elevator. I'm the Stormtrooper on the far right.
  21. ok update... need to paint my screws white.. Thinking the forarms can be a bit smaller... not happy with the bells.. going to reinforce where the split rivets are... bell needs trimming a bit... notch missing on kidney plate.. need to make sure elastics are all done up \maybe thigh trimming is needed.. forearms can be reduced more I think need to learn how to take photos straight right forearm needs to be adjusted.. thighs need to have hot bath to make narrower.. \ bells.... need to stand straight... more padding for helmet... Fans!! ad and chest plate adjustment.. bells and forearms.. how to get those bells in more? I have single elastic at the moment
  22. I use a good quality velcro, I tried the bra hooks but couldn’t get them closed. Think my calves were cut too close together. Occasionally if I move my foot a weird way the velcro might pop, but again I think that’s due to the fit cause it’s only the one leg. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. I'm coming up on this stage in my build, but I realize it would be nice to have a series of these kinds of questions thought the build. It can be a kind of time consuming to have to go through entire builds to look up specific stuff (but not unproductive! And threads like ukswrath's Anovos build make things easier...). Anyway, tell us how you like to close your calves! And feel free to tell us your thoughts on some pros and cons. Cheers.
  24. What Tony said^^^ Get some of the strapping done and then post pictures. When you have your arms in the air, as a "taller bigger" trooper don't expect to do that or snaps will become undone (plus Vader does not approve of surrendering). What plans to hold up your thighs (belt, harness,etc...)? Get some of the foam to line the insides of the thighs and shins, that will help with the sniper knee and the rotation of the shins.
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