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NEW boot source!

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2 hours ago, justjoseph63 said:

Same experience here.  Simply awesome people to deal with all around.

Ditto. I ordered two pairs of boots from from Amazon and one from Imperial Boots. I thought I'd get the Amazon ones quickly so I could get approved and troop (they have a seam on the front so no EIB). But my IB boots arrived first and they were so comfortable. Only issue I have is that they are a bit tight to put on and I broke one of the pull straps the first day. Was a bit disappointed, but other than that, they are great.

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1 hour ago, Echo3_Skywalker said:

Speaking if boots, I am looking to get my first pair of TK ANH boots I wear a women’s size 10 (mens size 8.5. I hear a lot of you saying imperial boots is good, does anyone have sizing recommendations or any other good sources?

Stephanie Felton Cadet #2025

Can't go wrong with Imperial Boots, some have sized up 1/2 to 1 full size for the broader foot, but I found mine to be perfect sizing.

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Bought some Imperial Boots last Sept, should have tried them on. Just did try them and they are a bit small for me. Agree, half a size bigger, maybe full size, would have been better.

Is there a place to try to sell these to someone who would want this size (43)?

They look great and have gotten no use outside of trying them on.

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