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  1. Is there anywhere that return edges are needed/ required for ANH stunt centurion? Stephanie | Cadet #2025
  2. Super helpful thank you!! Stephanie | Cadet #2025
  3. Any recommendations and or sources for undersuits for women? Stephanie | Cadet #2025
  4. How is this hight for a stunt? Stephanie | Cadet #2025
  5. What is a good brow hight? Iv seen all different heights. Stephanie | Cadet #2025
  6. Progress!!! I finished the eyes and frown today!! Stephanie | Cadet #2025
  7. Quick question for everyone, what have you used to attach the mesh for the frown? Stephanie | Cadet #2025
  8. I did some painting today! [emoji439] Stephanie | Cadet #2025
  9. I went out today and got some smaller sanding flies for the corners so here is an updated picture Stephanie | Cadet #2025
  10. PROGRESS UPDATE!! I used the dremal tool / sanding method that was recommended to me by someone, flattening the teeth from the inside with the dremal tool until there were holes and then sanding the edges by hand) and this is the result! Stephanie | Cadet #2025
  11. Thats good to know I was debating on using the decals or not Stephanie | Cadet #2025
  12. Hey everyone so l had a question about types of paint for the details on the helmet, I have a bunch of this paint left over from another project I was doing recently (I have it in black for the helmet details) and wanted to know if this would be any good or if there is another paint that is recommended. Thank you! Stephanie Cadet #2025
  13. So the kit a got came with bot stunt and hero decals for the helmet but only flat eye lenses so I guess its probably better to go with stunt, right? Stephanie Cadet #2025
  14. So this is my first of a million questions I have right now, I want to go straight for centurion approval and for that I need “green bubble eyes” and the ones that come with my kit are flat can I use these or do I need to get different ones? Stephanie Felton Cadet #2025
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