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I was approved. Now what?

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My GML approved me from the FLorida Garrison last night. How do I get access now to the full forum and troops? It would not let me in to the 

specific forum for newly approved members. 
Steve  TK 707



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Congratulations for your 501st approval and welcome to FISD. 

I have seen that you have requested the 501st Trooper Status , well done. now, just wait for your request to be approved and 

browse the FISD members sections .





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Welcome aboard, trooper!


For trooping opportunities that will be organized via your local Garrison. When you sign up on the Florida Garrison's forums you can subscribe to to receive emails for all their new troops. I currently receive them myself, even though I'm in the GA Garrison. There's also the Florida fb group, that perhaps you've already found.


We hope to see you apply for Expert Infantry in the future! :salute:

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Welcome to FISD trooper!


Do make sure you check out the EIB program and also have a nose around the new areas once available.  


We also have a Facebook group you can join, for FISD members only,


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