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ANH E-11 options in 2023

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Hello all!  

Aspiring TK here!  I was just reaching out for recommendations for an E-11 prop.  I have been debating getting the blaster factory E-11 as it is just too dang cool, but I’m also interested in looking at rubber options that may also be in the market right now.  I recently looked at hellhound props rubber version but unfortunately he is not taking any commissions right now.  I was wondering if anyone knew of a current vendor who is selling a good rubber E-11?  I also have a 3D printer and was going to print one but figured that if I’ll be using the E-11 a lot it may be a good idea to invest in something that may be more durable and something I wouldn't mind letting people hold for pictures.  Thank you!

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The list above looks good even in 2023. Just do not purchase on Etsy, as there is at least one exceptionally unscrupulous vendor there. I also have PMd with a lead.

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There's a Facebook "Star Wars Blaster Builder's group" if you're into building your own or printing. There's a few on there that build by commission like @Troopacoola.


And, as a proud owner of a Blaster Factory E11, I can say nothing but good things about it. It's a bit heavy, but very troopable. Troop-able? Troopeable? You can carry it for several hours comfortably. :laugh1: It's very well built and not at all delicate, so no worries about it crumbling in your hands. You can see my own build here:


There's also Quest Design in Canada that makes a lovely resin blaster. I have one of those as well. It's lighter than the Warmachine/blasterfactory, but not as robust. I've broken several pieces off over the years and have been replacing those bits with metal parts from Warmachine.


There's also the Rubies toy blaster (white and orange) you can get on amazon. It's not very accurate (it's actually the model used for the Rebels E-11) but you can make it accurate if you've got crafting skills. It weighs just a few ounces and won't break when you hand it to a kid. They paint up nice and are easy to troop with. 


As Justin said, there's rubber blasters on etsy and it's best to steer clear of them. Just not worth it when so many other options exist.


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I've very recently looked at all the blasters on the reference page that was shared here.


What I've settled on is a Blaster Factory and a painting a Rubies. 


One very detailed for eventual EI and Centurion. 


And one very lightweight and almost disposable.  


For trooping? I'll have either available depending on the setting/type of troop.


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