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The mandalorian concept remnant troopers?


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Hi all, not sure if I’m in the right place or not (or even the right detachment), but I’ve been told there are CRLs being drafted for the remnant trooper concept costumes as seen below.



I know some of the RS prop master guys have done some on their own, but I’m wondering if a CRL can be made for these or if it’s in progress here (or maybe spec ops)?



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No CRL work on these here that I'm aware, you may want to reach out to our DL Andrew @Sly11 also contact the LMO's in regards to new to the legion costumes lmo@501st.com, some info here as well on what is used as reference for new CRL's and other requirements https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRLGuide



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27 minutes ago, Parquette said:

I for one think we need a CRL for this, considering the production heavily considered this not only on the Mandalorian, but I believe on ROS as well? 


We have a concept art CRL for the Macquarrie trooper after all ;) 

McQuarrie concept trooper was not only concept artwork but also has come out in figure form giving 360deg references. 


Ultimately the LMO's have final say on costume inclusion as well as how much reference material is required for that costume





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I would concur with the above, unless we see them on screen or in high quality action figures even then it would most probably be considered Spec Ops as opposed to bulk standard TK's.

There is already a costuming group centered around WWII styled TK's, but also we focus on hard armour, not combination of some hard and soft pieces like these, so we are not the correct home for them really.

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