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Bucket padding long shot..

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I need a specific style of gray bucket padding for an upcoming project, but after looking at literally hundreds online I have had no luck finding anything even close.

It may be out of production or is made for a specific type of helmet (bicycle, motorcycle, ATV etc.) for all I know, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask if anyone has any resources.  Thanks!  :salute:



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Hello @justjoseph63. I think that helmet is from a hot toys (sideshow collectibles) figure, specifically for a 2009 comic-con exclusive figure. I found on Facebook someone who makes these interiors. You can take an eye on it, and see if it's what you're looking for. I will pass the info to you privately, and if you consider it is valid and can be shared with all members, you can post it here later.;)


124541776_3421399334624002_5200912969079   78854780_2499812883400470_49373942405492  



70296576_2221709561284965_4599536784307650560_n.jpg?stp=c0.0.500.500a_dst-jpg_s400x400&_nc_cat=104&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=c48759&_nc_ohc=-4huQWmwdT0AX9XUfY_&_nc_ht=scontent.fvll1-1.fna&oh=00_AfBS6yPu21eYqHNCk21dr0FMsn_HJC8Olt30SFX3DzcKBg&oe=636CE23A   154585904_1413484748996705_1819195023158



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The reason I needed this was for a display I am working on... an exact copy of the TK bucket interior as shown in the first photo.  It's an unusual shape (pic 2) which probably hasn't been made in years.  I ordered a "replica" from a seller on FB which looked to be fairly close and somewhat thick(ish) (pic 3).


 EdMhWzQ.jpg     Z8oCbXr.jpg    KThvdC9.jpg 


                      This is what I received.    




It appears to be "molded" in one piece, but is definitely a fan-made sculpt using thin craft (EVA) foam.  Although very flexible, the details are way too rough looking (first pic below) and at 5mm thick way too thin (second pic below) to use for this project.


RVZru1X.jpg    B8KAtzh.jpg


Still on the hunt if anyone knows a source.  ;)



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20 hours ago, TK 17654 said:

Feels like something that will have to be made one off. 


My thoughts exactly.  I ordered some supplies and will see how it turns out...  fingers crossed!

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