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ANH TK torso question

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10 minutes ago, 1stdayonthejob said:

If no gap is allowable how is the proper way to shim it? I put some fluff on from when I took my measurements and I have about a .5” gap each side now.



Hi Jonathan, Some photos would be great to give a better tip, but usually for a small gap it just a strapping adjustment or adding shims for bigger gaps.  take a look to this threads . :salute:





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A couple more threads on the subject



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3 hours ago, 1stdayonthejob said:

Photos later still but my gap is a lot like tuskens after he added shims so I’m not even sure I really need them. It just almost touches.:wacko:


maybe I’ll not eat for a day and see how good it gets:D


Consider that for Basic approval and even EIB (Level2) Certification you could have a minimal gap. For Level 3 Centurion NO gap is a requirement.




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