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ATT all members CRL UPDATE


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Hello everyone


A mass update is underway that covers all our CRL's.



We are introducing some text that covers 3D printed Blasters, weapons and accessories.

This has been added to the template at the opening section of all our CRL's as of today, but I will also be adding it specifically to the EIB section of each CRL.


The detachment staff all agree this is a common sense addition for anyone considering not only using a 3D printed weapon or approvable accessory based on the costume, but also that at our higher levels the expectation is that is should resemble one of the several high quality resin  or metal versions available.


This does not affect basic level as blasters and weapons are not required.


The following text is now viewable  at the top section of all our CRL


For higher levels of approval EIB and Centurion:

For costumes with only blasters.

  • 3D printed blasters can not contain visible print lines and must be sanded smooth for a more realistic appearance.

For costumes with both blasters and accessories.

  • 3D printed blasters and any approvable accessories can not contain visible print lines and must be sanded smooth for a more realistic appearance.



The ANH Stunt already has similar wording in the Level 2 section which will be duplicated across all in the coming week.

UPDATE: CRL's have now been updated .


I believe most will agree that maintaining our standard is important and that acknowledging 3D printed items are a viable source of additions to your costume that the standard of finish should be as good as, if not better than other available products.


There is also a new post in the Expert infantry section with some example of correctly finished 3D printed blaster and images of incomplete prints and the work needed to bring them in line.



With unquestioned loyalty


Sly11 TK11469


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We are in the era of 3D printing and a welcome addition to our CRL's. What does it really mean, well a little more prep work to eliminate print lines, it's not unachievable it's just a little more time and care in preparation.


Long gone for me at least are the days of sitting in my hovel making blasters and weapon from wood, pvc, and anything else I could requisition and repurpose from my mates 45 year old mechanical workshop, apart from the prep work and occasion snap of a thin piece 3D printing has allowed my love of prop making to explode, if only there was a 500x500 resin printer at a reasonable price, oh the joy of that.


Who knows it's taken nearly 10 years for me to get to this stage of prop making, I wonder what we will all be using in another 10 years.

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Ok, obvious 3d Printing enthusiast here, but all bias aside, this is a great addition. However, I have seen other detachments point to this verbiage from the Clone Trooper Detachment CRLs; it's sort of become an unofficial reference for 3D printed armor and accessories throughout the legion:


Armor parts shall be made from fiberglass, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), or a similar rigid material. This includes vacuum formed plastics as well as properly finished and smoothed 3D printed armor forms. See this thread at 501stclonetroopers.com for examples of acceptable and unacceptable levels of 3D print finishing.


Whether we were to use this particular reference or not could be debated, but I think pointing to specific examples may help. If we don't want to link directly to this thread, maybe we can create our own. 


Here's a few examples I have here in my house. The SE-14R was finished correctly, then scratched up for weathering. The E-22 was kind of slapped together and sprayed flat black so I could take some pictures. I've labeled the stuff we don't want to see on the E-22.






Visible print lines and unfilled layer separation markings.



Severe print lines



Print lines, unfilled pitting and support remnants.

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I think the best option will be to have a dedicated pinned post in each section that outlines what is and isn't not acceptable using your supplied images.

I shall set that up in the Expert infantry section now and add your images along with credit for supplying them.

Please by all means once it is set up add more images with any explanations you see fit.




I have now added the post please feel free to add more examples and please title them acceptable or unacceptable for finished or raw/incomplete.



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@Sly11, I think that'll help. I'll dig up a few more pictures of both FDM (plastic) and SLA (resin) 3d printed items. I think this will be a huge step forward as we see more and more of these accessories appearing on-screen and in our subsequent CRLs.
I'm actually printing a new bucket and a few additional accessories for the resurrection of my build thread. I'll take some pictures and cover the finishing process.

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