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[41] TK-66744 Troop Log (Social Media Consent)


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[16] 02/07/2022 -- Benefizevent Wolfsburg 




The German Garrison was asked to participate in a soccer event for kids alongside a few other costuming groups. We got hugs from Olaf and spent time with Batman and Wonder Woman.




To our pleasant surprise we found out that we weren't benched for the event either but got to play against the kids. Team Empire managed a draw against the kids team after countless of balls and shoulders battering our armor and some excellent support by a few recruits.




Afterwards we decided that half an hour playing against these kids was exhausting enough and felt a distinct need to go back to training our aim and our instincts as for where one should kick to actually hit the ball and not your fellow troopers shins. Although no armor was harmed during all of this, TK-71384 still did a spectacular dive in armor, only barely avoiding any cracks.




As we felt that our armor had suffered enough, we returned to our usual patrols: using the playground to its fullest potential, trying to blow bubbles (keyword 'trying') and dancing. Our imperial shuttle had a bit of a delay but we still arrived safely back home just in time for the little one to get his evening frogs.




TK-66744 signing off 



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[17] 04/07/2022 -- Outpost One Dassow




If you don't know Outpost One yet, I'm about to introduce you to Star Wars Heaven. Outpost One is a Star Wars Costuming and Props museum that specializes in life-size walk through scenes from all original movies. Look at the picture above. Three life size Star Wars ships in a 'hangar' -- and our changing area. Given the fact that this troop was on a Monday we were only three troopers, but this meant we had all of the exhibit for ourselves. Awesome. Shout-out to TK-71384 and ID-48170!




We started our journey in ANH with Lord Vader entering the Tantive IV, visited Tatooine and the Lars Homestead, danced to the Cantina Band, guarded Tarkin, locked a princess into her cell, helped these two get out of a trash compactor, befriended a mouse droid, accidently blew up the Death Star whilst messing around with the controls went through a Rebel briefing with stolen plans and had everything narrated to us by the German voice of Luke Skywalker (if with a very... rebellious twist) before descending into the icy vastness of Hoth.




There we got to make fun of Luke getting himself captured by a Wampa, stormed the rebel base and found an abandoned medical center with a still working bacta tank. Then we went on to accompany Lord Vader as he instructed several bounty hunters (additionally not so accidentally scaring visitors by pretending to be part of the set a few times) before descending into Bespin.




Having gone through all that, we finally found the droids we were looking for once more, if standing in front of a Hutt's palace. Inside there I got to be part of Jabba's entourage, before getting eaten by a Rancor. Somehow I survived that only to face the furriest nightmare a Stormtrooper (or biker scout, for that matter) can have. Lastly we got an audience with our Emporer and Lord Vader, only to be confronted with another nightmare:




Who signed off on this? We need to have a quick chat... To calm down we went to the miniature area, where they recreated several props on a 1:6 scale, including one truly massive Millennium Falcon and a large part of Mos Eisley. We took this opportunity to film a small commercial for a Star Destroyer, as we just so happened to have an amazing model in a secluded room. We finished the day off by having a quick stop at the small shop they had. And, no, TK-71384, we can't possibly buy the entire shop, even if it's very tempting. 




TK-66744 signing off



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[XX] 15/07/2022 -- Officer's Diner in Kiel




The evening before the convention started, our officers decided to hold a small dinner in the Hotel Lobby to meet up and dress up. Spontaneously it was decided that they would look even more epic with a Stormtrooper escort, so TK-92227, TK-71384 and I got ready to provide them with an impressive appearance. 




We caused quite a stir from guest outside the German Garrison, as this informal event hadn't been communicated to them. Several people asked us for various pictures, whilst others went up into their rooms to join us in costumes. 




Us troopers then decided to have some fun together and left the officers in the lobby, so we could take pictures outside. Sadly I had to leave early as I wasn't staying in the hotel and had a bus to catch.




TK-66744 signing off 


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[18] 16/07/2022 -- Project Area51 Kiel, Day 1




Deployed by an unusual means of transportation this (more or less) imperial delegation arrived at the Area51 charity convention in Kiel, the first of it's kind. We were joined by ID-14445 of the Dutch Garrison and a few members from the Danish and Swedish Garrisons.




Vice-Admiral ID-14447 and I started the day off with a special assignment to protect the backstage entry for just over two hours, guiding visitors to the front entrance, cosplayers to the backstage entry and consistently not recognizing star guests. We were relieved of our duty at about 1200 and got to rejoin the Third Support Fleet, with which we turned a less than enthusiastic ID-56347 into Lieutenant Lyste for some beloved Rebels pictures. 




Afterwards I joined CC-75367 for some fun pictures and interactions. This time he went through the effort of allowing buckets off pictures, giving us a lot of amazing picture opportunities. TK-71384 and TK-92227 remained on duty whilst Wolffe and I did our best to spread some mayhem.




Saturday ended after a lot of fun and hugs with me having been in costume for ten hours, only to join in the group picture, meeting even more amazing people and participating in a short parade through Kiel. As this type of event had never before happened in this area, people were stunned and amazed at such a huge turn-up.




TK-66744 signing off 


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[19] 17/07/2022 -- Project Area51 Kiel, Day 2




Reporting with a slight delay as I moved across the country last week, here is the report for the second day of Kiel's charity convention. Similar to Day One, we ended up assigned to the backstage entry for the beginning of the convention. This time around though we were approached by the local police...




... who greeted us with a salute and a request for a picture with us. Of course we agreed (relieved that we weren't about to face any trouble over misunderstandings regarding weapons replicas) and I got to arrest the police for the first time in my life. Afterwards they stayed for about half an hour, were joined by two of their colleagues and allowed us to take pictures with them and/or their car.





After giving our troop coordinator a bit of a scare when he came to relieve us from this post and saw us with police presence, we went back to the convention to catch some Rebels, as they were causing a bit of a disturbance after two of them went running around shouting "Ice Cream!". Although we didn't manage to apprehend the Wilrow Hoods, we did capture two other Rebels. 




Afterwards we scrubbed the Death Star, making sure the Empire could be represented well in the future. Additionally there was a challenge to see, who was superior -- Clone Troopers or Stormtroopers. Facing challenges such as over two minutes of squats, walking down stairs, sitting, catching and throwing balls, a race and some limbo, it was determined that Stormtroopers were ultimately superior to their predecessors.




TK-66744 signing off


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[20] 05/08/2022 -- Elbenwald Festival Cottbus, Day 1




Having arrived in the very early morning hours (just past midnight, if I remember correctly) accompanied by ID-56347, his girlfriend,  and ID-48170, we slept, got woken up at around 4:45 by loud music and started our day by joining our fellow troopers for the last preparations. Already, temperatures were high and after several reminders to drink enough water, we got into our costumes.




After providing an entrance control, ID-56347 and I went for an early lunch before heading back out to face the crowds. As always, we were accompanied by his girlfriend who turned out to be not only a wonderful person, but the best supporter I've ever trooped with. Facing temperatures of 35°C/95°F, she carried our water bottles, regularly reminding us to drink water.




As it was Friday, there weren't as many people around yet as would be the following days, but that didn't diminish our fun, as we had an amazing opportunity to take pictures with the other guests. Such as this wonderful Boba Fett, who arrested me with my own handcuffs... I kinda understand now, why not everyone would carry those around, if you're in danger of getting arrested yourself. 




After a quick nap in the sun (no tan, maybe because of the armor?), it was time for a short buckets-off parade to the main stage where we assisted as decoration for the opening ceremony. 




TK-66744 signing off 


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[21] 06/08/2022 -- Elbenwald Festival Cottbus, Day 2




On Day 2 we were joined by TK-71384 and TK-92227, whilst TB-70815 took the opportunity to wear his new TK, so we could all troop as Stormtroopers. Less hot, but with more troopers and a military approach to our troop, it was shaping up to be an amazing day. ID-56347 got assigned to the Stormtroopers, so we continued to patrol together. 




Our patrol went past the Empire's base of operations, where Lord Vader first did a quick inspection of the troops (no need to ask, if I'm a little short for a Stormtrooper, my Lord, 177cm is perfectly acceptable) before descending upon the merch store. As anyone who has trooped with TK-71384, TK-92227, TK-70815 and me can attest, we are not named "Chaos Division" for no reason and had a lot of fun with Lord Vader exploring everything on offer.




As the Dark Age Reenactors were hiding a Jedi, we were forced to take a break from patrolling to capture them and free another officer who had gotten caught. Afterwards, ID-70271, TK-71384, TK-20393, ID-56347 and I decided that we had earned ourselves a break after our hard work.




In the afternoon, we headed over to the paramedics for a quick check-up. With ID-56347 holding my hand, I survived and got to support my TK-sister TK-71384 the same way during her check-up. Luckily, everything was alright and the only minor injury of the day had resolved itself on its own before even reaching the medics. Therefore, we had a very official statement that we survived the second day without any problems. 




TK-66744 signing off


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[22] 07/08/2022 -- Elbenwald Festival Cottbus, Day 3




The third and last day was started by the Empire taking over the Nerf Arena to test out some new weapons and check if they were any more accurate than our E-11 blasters. (They weren't.) Still, we had lots of fun and got surprised with a package of gifted muffins for a late, sugary breakfast. 




Afterwards we decided that a patrol around the borders of the terrain could be even more helpful than just a patrol across the festival, so, led by ID-48170, we made a deal with the park train officers to allow us free access to the train.




Aside from the two Jedi joining us, we were unsuccessful to catch any Rebels through this measure, even if it was very fun for all involved troopers and guests. Once the train ride was over, we headed back to our base, where ID-56347 and I decided to participate in the best episode of undercover boss: Undercover Boss -- Empire Edition. Probably the best lunchbreak of the festival, walking around as an officer, shadowed by ID-14445 in my armor. A near-perfect fit, and I can't wait to have him properly join the ranks with his own armor.




Once our lunchbreak was over, we had to switch back for the parade, where we met a small Lord Vader (who's too short now?), as well as various other excited guests. One of the most special parts of the parade was the life music by TK-23115, provided both Saturday and Sunday. After the parade there was a quick opportunity for a Chaos Division group picture before we had to suit down and drive back. Shout-out to ID-56347 and his girlfriend for driving me halfway, so I could stay with ID-48170 for the night before facing the last hours of travel the next morning. 




TK-66744 signing off 


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[23] 20.08.2022 -- 14. Stadtteilfest Kiel Wellsee




First time as the organizer for a troop with two friends of mine to accompany me to a local street celebration for kids. Of course the three of us took this as an opportunity to act our age and try out everything on offer for the kids. With a median age of "just over 19" and the enthusiasm of five-year-olds we decided to do some harm to our armor and sit down repeatedly. 




... I had to repair six small cracks afterwards, but the fun was worth it. The kids had a lot of fun meeting us and we could barely move without getting drawn into tense debates about who of us was "the realest Star Wars" (I won, which I'm very proud of), requests for pictures and spontaneous hugs. 




In the end we stayed half an hour longer than anticipated because we couldn't leave before everyone had taken a picture of us and with us, but no-one minded. Aside from some kids that were too enthusiastic we all had a lot of fun and I'm happy my first time organizing a troop went so well. 




TK-66744 signing off 


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[24] 10.09.2022 -- Fanfilm "Descendants of Order 66" Premiere Kiel




After 16 years of work, the team who had worked on this movie finally got to show it in cinema for the first time and as some of them are members of the 501st themselves, they requested some support.




We trooped outside of the cinema for about an hour and I ran into an old teacher of mine (left in the picture). I didn't approach her and she didn't notice who I was, but it was still very funny and awkward at the same time :laugh1:




Having found one of the droids we were looking for, we decided to suit down to watch the movie. Honestly, 9.5/10, would definitely recommend, go check it out on YouTube! Those special effects are so very Star Wars, this might as well have been a canon movie. Afterwards five of us got back into costume to troop some more before meeting up with everyone for some food and talk.




TK-66744 signing off 


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[25] 16.09.2022 -- Noris Force Con Fürth, Day 1




This troop marked not only my 25th Troop, but also the start of the busiest trooping weekend so far. After traveling through half the country by train on Wednesday, I traveled with ID-56347 and ID-14447 the other half of the county by car on Thursday, so I could troop on Friday. 




Once there, my attention got immediately caught by the star guests, where I spotted Brian Muir and his wife. I had the incredible opportunity to talk with them about working on StarWars and Stormtroopers for some time, before going back to escorting my two officers around the convention -- at least until I met TX-61220.




Towards the end of the day, I met up with TK-19551 of the Swiss Garrison for some chaos. We stood guard for the Emperor whilst fooling around behind his back, danced at the German Garrison booth and found a balloon that we played with. Even Lord Vader joined in!




TK-66744 signing off 


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Well done trooper, looks like someone will earn his 25 badge (when he posts in the thread ;) ) Don't forget to update your troop total in the first post too :D 

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vor 4 Stunden schrieb gmrhodes13:

Well done trooper, looks like someone will earn his 25 badge (when he posts in the thread ;) ) Don't forget to update your troop total in the first post too :D 


There's still a few entries to cover the weekend, so I'll try to get around to those first and then I'll go for that long-awaited badge :salute:


[26] 17.09.2022 -- Noris Force Con Fürth, Day 2


space holder in case I ever find the group picture 


As we did the day before, TK-19551 and I went on patrol around the entirety of the con. This time, we not only ran into a few Rebels and Jedi, but also into a Jawa, who not only refused to show the contents of their bag, but also resisted arrest, forcing us to chase them down until we caught them in a pincher maneuver. Surprisingly they only carried their own stuff, so we let them go and got ourselves some speeder bikes for easier chases around the premises. 




With speeder bikes acquired, we protected the bunker for a while before going back to interviewing the star guests. I ended up talking with Alan Flyng for at least an hour about Stormtroopers and behind the scenes details regarding various movies. He was really nice and answered a lot of questions I had for my ESB TK build, having worn a TK himself during the Bespin shooting. 




After a small moment of fame whilst walking around the stage, we decided to make the best of the continuous rain during the convention, us TKs decided to afterwards enjoy the open space outside by having our own little "dancing in the rain" moment. 




To finish off the day, we got to arrest ID-14447, who had exchanged costumes with another 501st member for an hour and was now undercover as a bounty hunter, before we got ambushed by Ahsoka and her ever-loyal Captain. 




TK-66744 signing off 


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[27] 18.09.2022 -- Noris Force Con Fürth, Day 3




Starting the day off by chasing yesterday's Jawa all over the premises (up the stairs as well, which surprised them), the halls filled slowly with everyone sleeping off last night's aftershow party. I took the time to listen to one of the panels, before going back to my patrol. Soon enough I ran into TK-19551 and resumed trooping with her. 




We found not only the droid above, but also several other R2-units, some mouse droids, Chopper and, most importantly, the protocol droid known as C-3PO -- both as a costume and the actor Anthony Daniel's. When we found yesterday's Ahsoka, she had a small surprise for us, turning us into the most fashionable troopers of the day. 




Wearing this outfit we got a bit of attention, some fun photo opportunities and took a picture with Brian Muir before heading back to the Endor bunker where TK-23115 played the Cantina Song live, so we could dance to it whilst dressed up. 




Afterwards we headed back to the star guests and I had the incredible opportunity to get my armor signed by Brian Muir. Honestly, having him compliment my armor and sign it means the world to me and is probably one of the highest compliments. I very much hope I get to meet him and his wife Lindsay Muir again in the future. 




Stealing this amazing meme by @revlimiter to segue into the last part of the day, where I finally managed to convince TK-55550 to join us in white plastic for a few pictures, before all of us joined the Landspeeder crew for deconstruction and clean-up.




TK-66744 signing off 


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[28] 19.09.2022 -- Andor Premiere Cologne




We got invited to the premiere of the new Andor series and got to see the first three episodes in advance after a short troop, where guests could take pictures with us. TK-18105 and I had to stay behind whilst our fellow troopers got changed, because one of the influencers arrived a bit late. Aside from holding up a premiere because we had to go change, it was a lot of fun and I'm glad I got this opportunity. 




TK-66744 signing off 


with TK-8646 in the middle

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Am 21.9.2022 um 22:06 schrieb revlimiter:

That jacket and tie! My goodness. And the dress. You three look dapper AF! :dancing-trooper:


Thank you! :salute:


[29] 24.09.2022 -- Cosplay Tage Speyer, Saturday




Speyer is the meet-up for the German Garrison, easily featuring over a hundred troopers in official capacity and a few dozen paying for their own entry. After participating in this, I now know why so many of my fellow troopers insisted that you had to troop Speyer at least once. The entire city (and especially the museum) were flooded with troopers from all over Germany. 




I chose to start my day early and participated in the Opening Show of the German Garrison and Rebel Legion, putting on a small Star Wars scene for the visitors. Although the Empire sadly lost this time, we still gave a great showing with some troopers even falling to the ground in their armor. If you want, you can watch the whole thing on YouTube by clicking this link ;)




Afterwards it was time to get trooping. This was our first Chaos Division Fireteam Troop, so we got shared duties to make the most of it, like standing at the Death Star wall for photos with the visitors or patrolling the area, oftentimes joined by our fellow troopers, especially TK-19551 and TK-248.




In the afternoon we participated in the German Garrison parade and the group photo shoot, before taking a quick Detachment picture and afterwards a small photoshooting on the roof of the museum, almost missing the deadline for the changing room because we were having so much fun. 



picture credit: @pati_seine_bilder 

Official German Garrison Speyer Parade Video



[30] 25.09.2022 -- Cosplay Tage Speyer, Sunday 




The second day we woke up to rain and had to move the Opening Show inside. Once more the Empire lost to an overwhelming Jedi Force, even if this time we actually managed to hit some Jedi. Afterwards we headed out for some casual trooping with friends, getting to meet up with many for the first time in months. 




This also marked our second official Fireteam troop, even if TK-71384 chose to spend it as a Shadow Trooper, accompanied by the Shadowstorm Search and Destroy Team. Instead we had two TK recruit join us, as well as TK-19551 and CC-75367. We made the best of the fantastic photo opportunities and got to meet many new friends. 




Whilst participating in the parade for the second day, my shoulders and hands cramped up very badly. I somehow made it through the group photo with the support of my fellow TKs, before doing my last half-hour of duty with some friends nearby keeping an eye on the situation. As the day was as good as over, we suited down and went to get food with some other troopers. 




Despite the unfortunate incident towards the end and one more crack in my armor (moved wrong whilst suiting down), I had a lot of fun over the weekend.




TK-66744 signing off 


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[31] 01.10.2022 -- Annotopia Lüdinghausen 




Back to the beginning: the Annotopia Lüdinghausen was my first ever troop and now, one year later, I got to troop it once more thanks to the wonderful ID-11813 and DZ-41122, who offered me a place to sleep and transport to the event. 




As it had been last year as well, the Annotopia was rainy, windy and muddy. Starting off cloudy the weather got worse and worse until we had to stop the parade due to a heavy thunderstorm. We didn't let that stop us for long, and as soon as it cleared up, we got back to trooping -- only to get the news that we would not be getting water by the organizer. With that announcement the troop got officially dismissed and we were free to continue trooping on our own or go home. 




Myself and a few others chose to go back in costume for some food, softdrinks and the amazing photo opportunities offered by the castle and fellow costumers. After a lot of fun, we decided to eventually take a look at everything out of armor as well, before heading off to a nice evening with several other troopers. 




TK-66744 signing off


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[XX] 22.10.2022 -- Photoshooting Belgium




How far are you willing to travel for a few pictures with your friends? Yes. After a long journey we all met up Friday evening in the Netherlands with ID-14447, so we could stay the night before continuing on to Belgium for an imperial photoshooting. Unfortunately, one of us had lost their car key the previous evening, so we used up our morning breaking open their car to get at the costumes before we could even continue on to the Netherlands. 




Proudly representing the Empire, we unfortunately had a lot of curious citizens surrounding us and continually walking into our pictures. Aside from that, we all had a great time and got some amazing pictures out of it. 




The pictures shown right now are behind-the-scenes by DZ-41122 (Pati_seine_Bilder), as we're still waiting on the official photos. Looks awesome, right?




[XX] 23.10.2022 -- Photoshooting Netherlands 




As one photoshooting wasn't enough and it's pretty rare to get everyone together, we headed out early on Sunday with four TKs, one officer, our photographer and a supporter, as well as several Clone helmets for a spontaneous photoshooting in Dutch nature. (Again, only behind-the-scenes pictures, this time taken by our supporter.)




We even spent about half an hour inside the water, freezing off our toes and finally getting some confirmation that TK boots are waterproof to the extreme -- as in, they did an excellent job keeping all the water inside our boots once we got in far enough. Having a litre of cold water slushing around in our boots wasn't the most comfortable feeling, but it was very much worth it. Two Videos for your entertainment: Taking off the boots | Walking through Water




TK-66744 signing off


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[32] 28.10.2022 -- 18th Leverkusener Kunstnacht




Reporting in for a very special troop, as this one meant traveling to troop with my old Squad and a lot of Troopers that I'd missed trooping with. The Empire was alerted to a showing of imperial art, so we arrived in numbers to cheer up the visitors and protect the artwork.




For the first time since my first troop over a year ago I got to troop with my attaché TK-61276 and even though we had gotten to see each other a few times over the last year, this was the first time we were both in armor once more. 




In between taking pictures and conversing with citizens ("yes, the Scouts are definitely worse shots than us Stormtroopers"), we also got the opportunity to admire the displayed artwork and talk with the photographer behind these amazing pictures. 




After the event there was time for relaxation outside of our armors and it was awesome to get the chance to catch up with everyone, especially TK-61276, TI-8646, ID-11813 and ID-56347 (who doubled as my driver and let me stay on his sofa once more, thank you, Captain!). Got a lot of wonderful ideas for future posts on here thanks to @T-Jay -- I'm sure he's already looking forward to my endless messages about them. 




TK-66744 signing off 


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[33] 29.10.2022 -- Celebration for a recovered Child; Wolfsburg 




Some time ago this young child recovered from a stage four brain cancer and since every year the young Star Wars fan gets a visit from a galaxy far, far away for his birthday. Requested were a Chewbacca and Stormtroopers, so we appeared. It was truly heartwarming to see the kids eyes light up and the sheer enthusiasm everyone greeted us with. The fact that I had a nerve-wracking train ride and less than five hours of sleep to get there were forgotten in the face of such delight. 




Once the enthusiasm of seeing us had worn off, we headed off to walk around, interact a bit with everyone else, talk with the adults and go visit the playground. All in all it was a good photo location and with a Chewbacca at our side we had to take this opportunity for some fun pictures. 




Before I head on to the next troop of the day, I'll leave you with something the kid's dad told me: "The cancer could return any time. And if you don't know how many you have left, you celebrate every birthday." Hopefully, we'll get to meet this strong warrior again next year for his birthday celebration. 





[XX] 29.10.2022 -- 40th Birthday Surprise, Wolfsburg 




Heading on directly from one birthday celebration to another, TK-71384, TK-92227 and I got ready for the next birthday surprise -- this one unofficial regarding troops and as official guests of the party. From enjoying our cake, we went to a backroom to get suited up and with the sound of the Imperial March playing we interrupted the start of dinner to hand over the present. 




Following that, TK-71384 and I decided that this party needed a little dancing, so here's a short exempt of us dancing the Macarena. Afterwards we headed out for a short stroll through the streets, took a few pictures and surprised the few people still out and about, before asking the busdriver if he could take us to the Death Star. Alas, he could not and we had to walk back to enjoy the rest of the party outside of our armors. 




TK-66744 signing off


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[34] 30.10.2022 -- 2nd Fleamarket Wendeburg 




To close off this busy weekend of traveling and trooping, we visited the fleamarket in Wendeburg with the goal of collecting money for a local children's hospice. With the stuff bought at the fleamarket and donations for pictures with us, we raised well over 1000€ in a matter of hours. 




In between pictures we got to walk around on our own as well, got crêpes and bratwurst (well, no bratwurst for me) and had an overall wonderful time. For a few minutes we even ran into yesterday's kid, who recognized us and went to get a picture and a hug from TI-31866.




On our way back to the dressing room we had a small break in a local sauna to relax a little. Afterwards I went to buy some cool DVDs I'd seen laying around previously, and we made campfire twist bread. Overall an amazing, if busy and exhausting, weekend. The only casualty were my gloves ripping for the second time. 




TK-66744 signing off 


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