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Greetings from Sunny Scunny

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Hello All, I am a complete beginner to the Trooper scene having just bought a second hand SDS suit.

I live in Scunthorpe which is a steel works town in the North of England.

I have always been a Star Wars fan and have wanted a suit but never had the spare cash for one, they are a lot of money for something that in the words of my beloved " a fancy dress costume". She has a point but I still wanted one. So one popped up on Facebook and was local so I took the plunge. I'm an now a very happy person!

The suit I have has a few repairs to be made and I am interested in the adjustments I have seen people making to their suits on forums like this one and on You Tube, so I can't wait to get started.

I also do ww2 living history and visualise a soldier in the US 1st Infantry Division, so joining this group is quite fitting.

I've rambled on here long enough now so I won't take up any more of your time and look forward to learning and chatting lots in the future.

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Hello and welcome to the forum, there are a few things which will need upgrading from a standards SDS set of armor, especially for higher levels, a couple of useful links


I posted a review in this thread

also here

Updates made in this thread and now Level 3 Centurion approved


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Welcome to FISD Daren!


You are in the right place for help.  Glen has already gotten you some handy links but there is still a wealth of knowledge around here for you to check out.  It wouldn't hurt to start a build in progress thread while you work on your shiny new armor.  There loads of folks on here all the time that are willing to share their knowledge and advice.

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Hi Darren

As I am unsure exactly what you know about us and the 501st, here is some further information to help you along the way.

If you are keen to join the 501st, the UK Garrison is your home location.

These guys are able to assist you with meeting other troopers, help you with building or modifying your armour and ultimately responsible for approving your costume to the minimum 501st standard.
We have created help guides called CRL's or Costume reference library's that give you all the info you need to be able to build or modify to a degree, your armour at basic entry, level 2 called Expert Infantry and lvl 3 the highest level of accuracy we have called Centurion.
Not all Stormtroopers are the same, so there are separate CRL's for each version from the original trilogy of movies.
ANH Stunt
ANH Hero
Take a look at this link for the CRL's
If of course you are not planning to join the 501st, then most of this will be irrelevant to you, but we are certainly here to help you look as authentic as possible and realise your dream.
Welcome to FISD
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Thanks guys for your replies and helpful links to information. I will have a good look around. So from reading the comments a suit based on the original suit by SDS isn't correct? Will be reading with interest what can be done to make it better. Thanks again.

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1 hour ago, Daren said:

Doesn't seem to allow me to load more photos. Will try again later.

There is limit to how many attachments you can have in a post, most of use use an online image host, Imgur is used a lot, once you upload your images there you can copy and paste the "direct link" to the image directly into your posts. Here is a great How To 


At a quick glance appears your thighs may be a little big and your shins could come down a little

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Thanks, I will check out imgur. I see what you mean about the thighs, they could be a lot tighter on my thighs. It was the first fit so lots to learn etc.

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