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Skull Trooper Helmets


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So I just received my skull trooper helmet and thought I would give a quick review for anyone who may be thinking of getting one. 


Let me start by saying WOW just great overall quality. Its nice and thick seems very sturdy. I feel like if it gets dropped it would take very minimal damage. The lens are basically hot glued in but nicely done. They are shaped and smooth no sharp corners. Also comes with a custom skull padding insert. Hovi tips look nice and are also fixed with the screw nut style so you can switch out easily if you had other plans. Paint job looks nice on it also. Only bad thing about it for me was that maybe 2 weeks after I purchased mine he ran a deal :( could have saved some money there. The length it took to receive was normal not super fast but not terribly long to where I had to inquire about it either. Overall I can say it was definitely worth the money. And he also offers different types for different kits. I found him on Instagram under the name skull_trooper_helmets . He showed great communication during the whole process even sending me update pictures as well. I would highly recommend to anyone looking into one. Heres some pics.












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1 minute ago, gmrhodes13 said:

Very nice, the padding is awesome  

Yeah its cool looking. I'm going to be taking out to do my own padding my head a little big. 

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