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Rouge 1 Helmets


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Also check out a few of the R1 builds, you'll find maker info there 



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Only a couple of good options out there currently (RESEARCH, as above!) that I'm aware of. I love my Jimmi helmet, but Nico's is a little more accurate and gorgeous if finished properly.

Jimmiroquai - one piece fiberglass, Philippines-based (this one is mine!)




HeadShot Props - resin cast, US based (Brent Seymour recently posted this one to FISD)




Nico Henderson - sells a wonderful 3D-print file (this one was finished expertly by Paul Prentice)




...or Modify a Black Series! There are a couple of threads floating around on how to do this.


Also remember to pair it with the correct armor if you plan on submitting. The only quality makers currently available to my knowledge are 850 Armor Works and HeadShot Props in ABS (not my favorite, the pulls are soft and therefor require mixed media), and Jimmiroquai in flexible fiberglass, which is more accurate but a little different to work with. Both materials will require a full paintjob. 

And just remember, they're still white armor, not rouge ;) 

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