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[25] TK-76271 (MissionTrooper) Troop Log

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Troop #1

This was my first troop - 4 hours in my armour and I practically had to be dragged away.  It was a lot more fun than I expected.  I discovered a few things I need to adjust, but it went very well.




Blast a Trooper



Sorry Lord Vader, some ladies prefer a trooper in uniform!



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Could you please adjust the heading of your trooper log to include number of troops ie:


Troop log title examples:


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Troop #8
2019 Vancouver Santa Parade

It was Cold!  For a moment I almost wished I was a Snowtrooper.



Trying to keep warm before the parade started.




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Hey Andrew, I see you have cracked the 10 troops marker, congratulations. Don't forget to post your request for your achievement badge in the Field Exercise awards thread.



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Troops 12, 13 & 14  Feb. 14th, 15th & 16th 2020
Fan Expo Vancouver 2020

Standing to Vader's right.


Far back on the left, next to The Mandalorian.



Giancarlo Esposito honorary membership induction into the Outer Rim Garrison.  I am standing on the stage on the far right next to the Death Trooper with the green lights.


David Stone (Wioslea in ANH and B-Wing pilot in ROTJ) Honorary Membership induction.  Next to female officer "Commander Selfie"


Deadpool is TK-42200 and his wife is Zorii Bliss.


With Moff Gideon.  He was very nice.  He asked me to escort him to the Outer Rim Garrison booth to meet and chat with everyone.


Todd McFarlane was doing free autographs.

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